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Book Review: The Right Words – Lane Hayes

The Right Words[Book 1 of the Right And Wrong Series]

I’m not sure if I have the right words to describe how I felt after reading this book. First, I’d like to say how I enjoyed Lane Hayes’s work on her Better than Series. That was an outstanding series over-all. Now this one being the first in the Right and Wrong Series features Luke Preston, an interior designer who recently had a nosedive at his personal and professional life when he stumbled upon the closeted soccer player Michael Martinez getting in the midst of a bad break-up and fixing the latter’s beach house.

The character of Luke and his best friend Brandon reminds me of Aaron Mendez and Jay Reynolds from the Better Than Series. It’s like they just had their names changed and you’ve got Luke and Brandon with different day jobs. Michael on the other hand was like Peter Morgan and his bff Alex was Peter’s ex Jack Farinelli. So you see, there’s a ton of similarities between the author’s two series. Or maybe I’m reading too much into the characters.

Anyways, I enjoyed the first half of this story – at least most of the first half. Sometimes I find myself skipping most of the sex scenes because they drag the whole chapter. I get it that they’re having amazing sex but having to read a whole long chapter of it is way too much for me. The second half of the story was a total drag. The two MCs have too much baggage with them I don’t even know how they’re able to build a healthy relationship. I think I’m more interested with Alex’s character than the MCs and the rest. I’m almost sorry that it didn’t meet my expectation but I still have high hopes for the next book in the series since I know that the author could still deliver an amazing story like her book Better Than Good (which is my favorite from the Better Than Series).

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Better Than Chance – Lane Hayes

[Book #2 of Better Than Series by Lane Hayes]

via goodreads

via goodreads

Jay Reynolds has a crush on his project leader at work, but an office romance with Peter Morgan isn’t likely to happen since Peter is straight. Worse, Jay soon fears Peter is homophobic, and his initial infatuation turns to loathing. But one fateful night, Jay is forced to acknowledge things aren’t quite as they seem with Peter. Suddenly, his crush is back and unbelievably, Peter is interested too.

They begin as friends with benefits arrangement, which becomes difficult for Jay when he starts falling for his sexy boss. Peter’s past issues keep him from committing, and Jay has to decide if he can be satisfied with friendship if Peter isn’t ready to take a chance on anything more. via Goodreads

There’s something about the characters in this book that makes you like them instantly. Jay and Peter are both beautiful, successful and they have great chemistry. This story is basically a beautiful ‘friends with benefits’ story and its premise was, IMO properly milked by the author. It could’ve been shorter since the story didn’t deviate much from its main plot but yeah’ I loved the way it was written. It’s just a bit weird reading this since their story transpired prior to the couple (Aaron and Matt – Better Than Good) from the book one of the series getting together. But hey, it was really nice reading their love story though I still liked the first book better. This is definitely a MUST-READ though.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Better Than Good – Lane Hayes

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Wow! What an amazing read! I loved everything about this book. The couple here is just too adorable! I loved how Matt tells the story and how he describes Aaron that makes the other guy utterly irresistible. It’s also nice to note how the conflict was presented in such a manner (via Aaron’s inhibition on dating Matt, Matt having a girlfriend and his supposed heterosexuality) making the story very dynamic thus resulting to an uber-romantic and swoon worthy conclusion. What a beautiful debut from Lane Hayes!

Synopsis via goodreads: Matt Sullivan understands labels: law student, athlete, heterosexual. He has goals: graduate and begin his career in law. One fateful night, Matt tags along with his gay roommate to a dance club and everything changes. Matt finds himself attracted to the most beautiful man he’s ever seen. All labels go flying out the window.

Aaron Mendez doesn’t believe in labels, and he’s leery of straight curious men. He makes it clear that he’ll hide his fabulous light for no one. While Aaron can’t deny the attraction between him and Matt, he is reluctant to start anything with someone who is still dealing with what this new label means—especially when that someone has a girlfriend.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars