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My Most Anticipated LGBTQIA Book Releases for July 2021!

Since it’s my birthday month, I thought I’d share with you guys some of the books I’m looking forward to get a hold of this month. Without further ado, here’s are my top picks in no particular order!

Sleight of Hand (The Kings: Wild Cards, #3) by Charlie Cochet

Blurb: Former Special Forces Green Beret, Sacha “Joker” Wilder, is well-versed on the subject of demolitions. As a silent partner of Four Kings Security, Joker spends his days working alongside his brothers-in-arms and his best boy, Chip—a bomb-sniffing Belgian Malinois with sass. Years of military and private security experience have prepared Joker for almost anything, except the explosive attraction between him and Giovanni Galanos.

When Gio returns from his travels abroad, everyone is charmed by the handsome billionaire philanthropist, but in Joker’s experience, anyone who’s too good to be true usually is. Gio is hiding something, but the more time Joker spends around Gio, the more his walls start crumbling, leaving him exposed and at risk of losing his heart, something he swore he would never do. Love is for suckers, and that’s not him.

For years Gio has dedicated his life to his charity work, helping people around the globe, but when things go horribly wrong during one particular trip, Gio decides it’s time to come home for good. The desire for family, and a certain ex-Green Beret with a chip on his shoulder, has Gio eager to restart his life Stateside. For all of Sacha’s blustering and griping, no one makes Gio feel safer. If only Sacha could see how right they are for each other.

Danger lurks in the shadows as someone sets their sights on Gio, and secrets are forced into the light. If Gio and Joker are to have any kind of future together, they’ll have to face difficult truths, because where love is concerned, it’ll take more than sleight of hand to make things work.

The Kings: Wild Cards series is a spin-off of the Four Kings Security series.

Love Springs Eternal (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #5) by S.J. Himes

Blurb: Apprenticed to the infamous Necromancer of Boston, Daniel Macavoy has seen a lot of upheaval in his life since that fateful day. Rescued from an abusive father and the monster he was once enslaved by, Daniel has struggled with every trauma that scarred his heart and mind.

Yet with the love and support of his found family, Daniel has become stronger than he ever imagined. A capable sorcerer, he’s been entrusted with the ancestral family seat of the Salvatores, the legendary site of the Massacre, the culmination of the centuries long Blood Wars between the Salvatores and the Macavoys. The huge mansion is a testament to old school magic, high sorcery, and comes with a history almost as impressive as the enigmatic fae warrior who calls the gardens home.

Rory Brennan is immortal. A member of the nearly extinct High Court Sidhe, Rory remembers when humans climbed down from trees and learned to stand upright. His long life has been spent hand in hand with his identical twin, Cian, who happens to be locked in prison, sentenced to a thousand years for heinous crimes committed while Rory slept for centuries in stasis, hovering at the edge of death. Rory wakes to a modern world after his resurrection at the hands of the Necromancer of Boston, only to lose Cian to a mortal prison.

Once worshipped as a god, Rory Brennan is learning what it means to exist in a modern mortal world. Rory finds that for the very first time, true love has found its way into his immortal heart.

Daniel and Rory grow closer, love springing to life in the narrowing space between them. Daniel has concerns about Cian, the serial killer twin brother of the man he loves, and the repeated attempts of strangers trying to break into the Mansion. He’s got no idea what these strangers are after, and Rory is certain that Cian is in ever-growing danger locked up in Blackguard Prison.

With the danger increasing from all sides, Daniel and Rory struggle to balance surviving with falling in love. A dragon with a growth spurt isn’t helping matters, and his mentor’s watchful eye makes things both more awkward and potentially lethal.

LOVE SPRINGS ETERNAL is the fifth book in the bestselling Beacon Hill Sorcerer series and should not be read as a standalone.

Out of Character (True Colors #2) by Annabeth Albert

It’s friends-to-enemies-to-friends-to-lovers in this LGBTQIA+ Romance for fans of Red, White & Royal Blue and The Pros of Cons who enjoy:

Ex-best-friends falling in love
• Gaming, conventions, fandom & cosplay
• Nerd culture at its finest
• Learning how to be true to yourself

Jasper Quigley is tired of being everyone’s favorite sidekick. He wants to become the hero of his own life, but that’s not going to happen if he agrees to help out his former best friend turned king of the jocks, Milo Lionetti. High school was miserable enough, thanks, and Jasper has no interest in dredging up painful memories of his old secret crush.

But Milo’s got nowhere else to go. His life is spiraling out of control and he’s looking to turn things back around. Step one? Replace the rare Odyssey cards he lost in an idiotic bet. Step two? Tell his ex-best-friend exactly how he feels—how he’s always felt.

Jasper may be reluctant to reopen old wounds, but he never could resist Milo. There’s a catch, though: if Milo wants his help, he’s going to have to pitch in to make the upcoming children’s hospital charity ball the best ever. But as the two don cosplay for the kids and hunt for rare cards, nostalgia for their lost friendship may turn into something even more lasting…

Wildfire by Toni Draper

Blurb: After a difficult breakup, a wildland firefighter and university professor have parted ways, but neither has moved on. When a life threatening accident reunites them, can a love that once burned so bright be rekindled?

The Mastermind by Amy Lane

Blurb: Once upon a time in Rome, Felix Salinger got caught picking his first pocket and Danny Mitchell saved his bacon. The two of them were inseparable… until they weren’t. Twenty years later Danny returns to Chicago, the city he shared with Felix and their perfect, secret family, to save him again. Felix’s news network—the business that broke them apart—is under fire from an unscrupulous employee pointing the finger at Felix. An official investigation could topple their house of cards. The only way to prove Felix is innocent is to pull off their biggest con yet. But though Felix still has the gift of grift, his reunion with Danny is bittersweet. Their ten-year separation left holes in their hearts that no amount of stolen property can fill.

Body at Buccaneer’s Bay (Secrets and Scrabble, #5) by Josh Lanyon

Blurb: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Mystery Bookshop owner Ellery Page and Police Chief Jack Carson are diving for the legendary sunken pirate galleon Blood Red Rose when they discover an old fashioned diver’s suit, water-damaged and encrusted with barnacles. Further examination reveals the 19th Century suit contains a 21st Century body.

Who is the mysterious diver? No one seems to be missing from the quaint and cozy town of Pirate’s Cove. Was he really diving for pirate’s gold? And if not, what exactly did he do to earn that bullet hole in his skull?

The End Zone (Atlanta Lightning, #2) by Riley Hart

Seeing my best friend West, happy with his fiancé opened my eyes to things I’ve been missing in my own marriage. My divorce, which was amicable, followed. Strangely, at West’s wedding, I find myself confiding in Darren, the straight, confirmed bachelor and star quarterback of the Atlanta Lightning. Darren is a full-steam-ahead kind of guy, and one talk leads to hanging out, swapping phone numbers, and pranking West and Anson while they’re on their honeymoon. When I head back to California, I expect our chats to end, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

I still can’t say how it happened, how a random decision to strike up a conversation with Jeremy turned into…whatever this is. All I know is, months later, my days aren’t complete until we tell each other good night. Whether it’s on our calls or when he flies to Atlanta, we talk about everything, lying awake together half the night. Jeremy’s got me feeling…different. If it was just my newly discovered bisexuality, that’d be one thing. I’m not one to stress about being into a man for the first time. It’s the other stuff, the way he makes my pulse race and my heart swell, that’s throwing me for a loop.

I didn’t think I was made for relationships, thought something inside me was broken, but I want it all with him. Except, it feels like as soon as we make it past one obstacle, there’s an even bigger one waiting for us. We just have to keep our heads in the game and our eyes on the prize, to make it to the end zone, before one last tackle takes us down for good.

There’s actually a lot of releases this month, but they’re mostly part of a series which I have not read or didn’t like that much so here are my current list now!

ARC Book Review: Connection Error (#gaymers #3) – Annabeth Albert

Connection ErrorDate of Publication: September 5, 2016
Genre and Themes: LGBTQI, Romance, Contemporary
Format: 66,000 words, ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
Characters: Josiah Simmons, Ryan Orson

Blurb: It’s typical of video game programmer Josiah Simmons to be the last one on the plane on the way to the biggest meeting of his career. Though he’s (mostly) coping with his ADHD, he can’t handle another distraction. But he also can’t ignore his rugged seatmate—especially once he learns the military man’s a fan of his game.

Ryan Orson refuses to let his severe injuries pause his career as a navy SEAL. He’s got hours of grueling physical therapy ahead of him, and no time for anything that might get in the way of his return to active duty. But that doesn’t mean he’s above a little first-class flirtation with geeky-cute Josiah.

When a delay strands the pair in St. Louis, they agree to share a hotel room and a night of gaming. Neither expects their new connection to move to the next level in the light of day. Opposites may attract, but is this game over before it’s even begun?


So this is the third book off the ‘Gaymers Series’ and having read the last two installments and liking them, I’d say that the author is consistently hitting all the marks with this series. This one here is a different couple, of course. First chapter and I’m already in love with Josiah’s character. I didn’t even remember him in the second book – apparently, he was the guy who made the ‘bet’ from the last book. Not a big deal and you won’t missed out so you can enjoy this as a stand-alone book altogether.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Ryan’s character but as I go along with the story – I kinda understood why he’s such an angsty bastard. There wasn’t really something new about the story but I loved how the author created the story in a rather straightforward approach. The two met, had sex, realized they need each other, move in together and they live happily ever after. In short, despite the cliché story – it’s still very much enjoyable. Though I’ve a bit of an issue involving Ryan, I didn’t particularly liked how he handled his ‘failure’ in the story. It feels like Josiah was used as some kind of a rebound . That was just me though, being all indignant for Josiah’s sake. LOL.

Aside from this, as I’ve said it was an overall enjoyable read. Heat is somewhere between 4 to 4.5, characters well developed and just a great addition to the series. I hope there’s more to come!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an impartial review.

About The Author
Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

Book Review: Beta Test (#Gaymers, #2) – Annabeth Albert [ARC]

Beta TestDate of Publication: May 30, 2016
Format: Novel
Genre And Theme: Romance / Contemporary
Length: 65000 words, ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
Ebook ASIN: B014PG5A0Y
Characters: Ravi Tandel, Tristan Jones

This is very exciting for me because I’ve read the first (and just found out about it) book last month and really enjoyed it so I am really looking forward to this installment. So, I was really stoked to get an ARC of the book and dived right into it!

The story centers on Ravi Tandel and Tristan Jones – both are new employees of Space Villager. Ravi is the life of the party. He can charm just about anyone whilst Tristan is his exact opposite – reserved, organized, and uptight. But they’ve got something in common aside from being gay. They’ve been burned before by their exe’s so whatever fire of attraction they mutually feel was easily extinguished.

When they were sent on a road trip to a gaming conference to unveil a top-secret game, they were able to actually work cordially and get to know each other really well leading to some explosive sexy times between them. The question is, after this road trip will they be able to keep up with being just friends/colleagues?

I really loved the slow buildup of their romance. I loved that we get their personality first through alternating point of views and there’s just something nice on how they connected through sex at first but on an emotional level as well. I loved how Ravi brought Tristan’s confidence back and how he didn’t push him too far. I loved that Ravi’s Hindu background was brought up. It was a breath of fresh air when there is diversity with the main characters in books. I loved that he’s not spineless but still very respectful regarding his family situation.  It was a really good touch into the book which added much charm into Ravi’s character.

Whilst Tristan could get annoying at some point, it was still nice that he finally stood up at the end. It’s nice to have that feeling of vindication when a character finally found his voice to be himself.

This was a low-angst read that a lot of readers and fans of the first book will thoroughly enjoy.  Now, I am looking forward to read the next installment.

I highly recommend this one!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

ARC was provided by Carina Press for an honest and impartial review.

Book Review: Status Update (#Gaymers, #1) – Annabeth Albert

26162169Published December 7, 2015
Format: Novel
Genre and Themes: Contemporary Romance LGBT
Length: 189 pages, ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
Ebook ASIN: B011IAE2LS
Characters: Adrian Gottlieb, Noah Walters

Blurb: Adrian Gottlieb is winning at life. He’s a successful video game designer with everything a man could ask for, including a warm comfy ride to Denver and a date for his sister’s wedding. But he finds himself in need of a total reboot when he’s left stranded at a snowy campground in Utah. Holiday plans? Epic fail.

That is until Noah Walters offers him shelter for the night and a reluctant cross-country ride. Nothing about the ultraconservative geoarchaeologist should attract Adrian, but once he discovers Noah’s hidden love for video games, the two connect on a new level. Soon, a quiet but undeniable chemistry sparks.

Something doesn’t add up, though. As the miles accumulate and time runs out, Noah must face the most difficult choice of his life. Meanwhile, Adrian must decide whether he’s ready to level up. Is their relationship status worth fighting for, or has this game ended before it’s even begun?


I thought it’s really cute – I really loved Adrian’s character tho I don’t get the deal with his ex Deron marrying his sister Emily. I supposed Deron’s bisexual? It’s a minute detail but it bothers me a bit.

I loved the underlying sexual tension between them that it’s almost palpable. The friendship that blossomed between Adrian and Noah was wonderful to read. Although they are both feeling the sexual tension in the air, I loved that they let it simmer first.

The story’s really smooth – not too wordy, not ott dramatic. Noah’s situation was quite realistic so plus point for that. I’m sure glad that Noah situation was not drag into hell and back because tho, realistic it was still an overused trope.

And pets! Who doesn’t love pets in a book! And in a romance book!!!

It was a feel-good, cute story – ‘would definitely be reading more from this series

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

Book Review: Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) – Annabeth Albert

Treble MakerLet me start by saying I totally loved the cover of this book! Of course, it’s the first thing that made me interested to get a hold of it (most of us do that yeah?). Lucky me because Netgalley has it available for request. Anyway, this is my first book by Annabeth Albert and having heard so much about her well-received participation in Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Love is an Open Road” event, my expectations prior to reading this was probably way off the charts.

To easily picture Treble Maker, think of NBC’s The Sing-Off and put two cute guys in the limelight who got together because of their intense attraction and well, they always say that opposite attracts right? So that is where Cody Rivers and Lucas Norwood’s characters comes into play.

Cody’s determined to win the a cappella reality show and is using the show as a springboard to finally hit it big. He’ll do everything in his power to win. Lucas however is content to sing his heart out as long as he’s making his parents and school proud and maintaining his “virtue” of being a model gay citizen. As Lucas pointed to Cody, “I’m gay but I don’t act on it.”  Okay.

There’s one big problem for me when I am unable to connect with the main characters when I know that I’m halfway through the book. I’ll start asking myself why am I still not tossing this into oblivion and heading to read another book. The main answer to that question is that the author’s writing is not bad. It kept me glued to finish the book. Her style is very easy to grasp but somehow lacks consistency here. It’s also way too long in my opinion for such a clichéd premise, I would’ve thought that it’d be shorter by at least fifty to a hundred pages.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not just about the show right? It’s about Lucas finding his own voice and standing up on his own with Cody being his guide. I loved their monkey-hot sex and the whole kink (probably) stemming from being repressed juxtaposing what Lucas tried to hold firmly when he started “something” with Cody. And that is one of the reasons I didn’t connect well – it felt like the story’s all about Lucas petty drama of being out yet acting like he’s in the closet despite having dual POV all throughout.

The romance was almost nil albeit the hot steamy sex and it pains for me to say that I really didn’t get much enjoyment from reading this story. Let me remind you though, what’s not so great for me may be the best read of your life so do try to check this out for yourself.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Expected publication: August 4th 2015 by Lyrical Press

About The Author
Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review.