Book Review: Game Point (Dreamspun Desires #45) – M.J. O’Shea

Date of Publication: November 1st 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
Theme & Genres: LGBTQI, Romance, Contemporary, Age-Gap
Format: Ebook, 194 pages
ISBN: 9781635337563
Characters: Quinn Valenzuela, Porter Davis

Game, set… match made in heaven.

Spoiled socialite Quinn Valenzuela has no interest in sports or his family’s huge sporting goods empire, Sparta Athletics. So when Quinn learns his grandfather has died and he’s in control of the corporation, no one is more surprised than Quinn himself.

Dedicated COO Porter Davis has little time and less patience for brats like Quinn who have never done a day’s work, but circumstances leave him with little choice. Quinn claims he’s ready to leave partying behind and grow up, but it’ll take more than words to earn Porter’s respect. As it turns out, they can work—and play—together after all. A friends with benefits arrangement makes sense for the two busy men, but are they too different for it to ever develop into more? Not if Quinn can convince Porter he has his head in the game

This whole Dreamspun Desires Series is a hit or missed thing and this one definitely hit the target! I loved both MCs. I liked Quinn onset of the story with bits of his backstory being explained on why he became a party boy. Porter at first was a bit annoying but I guess he made up for his awful attitude midway through. I still want to learn more about him though. The few things we learned about him are his fuck-up social climbing parents, him being a previous Tennis player and his sister Perry and nothing else.

It felt a bit rushed and I wished the ending was a bit longer but overall, the story is sweet with hot sexy scenes and likable characters so that’s a win for the author!

‘Will definitely recommend this one!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
M.J. O’Shea has been writing romance since algebra class in sixth grade (when most of her stories starred her and Leonardo DiCaprio). When she’s not writing, she loves listening to nearly all types of music, painting, reading great authors, and on those elusive sunny days in the Pacific Northwest, she loves driving on the freeway with her windows rolled down and her stereo on high.

Facebook: M.J. O’Shea

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