Book Review: Take a Chance on Me (Firsts and Forever, #15) – Alexa Land

Date of Publication: October 29, 2017
Themes & Genres: Romance, LGBTQI, Contemporary, Comedy
Kindle Edition, 369 pages
Published October 29th 2017
Characters: Duke Blumenthal, Quinn Takahashi

Free-spirited ballet dancer Quinn is sure he made a terrible mistake by agreeing to be Duke’s roommate. The big cop is the most uptight person Quinn’s ever met, and both men begin driving each other crazy from day one.

Before long though, an undeniable spark of attraction ignites between them. But do opposites really attract? Or will their differences prove to be more than either of them can handle?

This gay romance is the fifteenth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever Series, but each novel is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere. Note: contains adult language and graphic sex and is only intended for adults.

I so loved this couple! I think I missed a couple of intallments from this series but rest assured that this could be read as a standalone.

Quinn is such a character. He is quirky, has no filter and just full of life but deep inside, there’s an insecure little boy who doesn’t realize his worthy.

Then there’s Duke. All his life, he’s got to live in his dead brother’s shadow.

They both have heartbreaking backstory so, them getting together is destiny itself. It’s like they’re so opposite that they’re so perfect together. Odd but true.

My only criticism is the characters overload in the story. There’s just so many names in it and updates about the previous couples in the book. I mean, I loved reconnecting with them but it feels like there’s not enough space for Duke and Quinn here.

Overall though, it is still a wonderful addition to the series and Duke and Quinn are very easy to fall in love with.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
I write and independently publish M/M love stories. My best-selling Firsts and Forever series includes: Way Off Plan, All In, In Pieces, Gathering Storm, Salvation, Skye Blue, Against the Wall and Belonging etc…

I’ve also published Feral, a paranormal M/M romance, and The Tinder Chronicles, a paranormal trilogy.

For more information, please visit my blog at: Follow me on Twitter @AlexaLandWrites or find me on Facebook at…

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