Mariel De Leon’s Uphill Battle Towards the Miss International 2017 Crown!

It looks like Mariel De Leon’s road to the Mikimoto crown is going to be a tough one not only because of the beautiful contestants she will be competing against with but also because of the divisiveness of Filipino pageant fans as a result of the controversy earlier this year where she criticized the appointment of Mocha Uson as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office.

Since the incident, Mariel has disabled her comments on Social Media, most prominently on her Instagram account to avoid the troll netizens.

I, for one believe that we should support Mariel on her quest because at the end of the day, she’s representing our flag. Besides, she already apologized which I thought was very much unnecessary to start with. Divisiveness on politics is always present but when it comes to our country as a whole, I’d love to say one day that I was proud of supporting our own.

Manny Pacquiao is a bigot but I was proud of what he accomplished in boxing and every single time he steps in the ring. Why can’t we do the same for Mariel? What would it take for you to support our home girl?

Anyway, let’s just hope that all these negative criticisms and lack of support will fuel Mariel’s spirit to give her 101% best in the Miss International competition.

photos are from Mariel’s Intagram account.

Your Thoughts?

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