Album Review: Fifth Harmony by Fifth Harmony

Album: Fifth Harmony
Artist: Fifth Harmony
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Pop, R&B
Label: Epic, Syco

I’ve never written an album review before but I thought Fifth Harmony’s new album is a fantastic choice for my first one!

‘Fifth Harmony’ is the first studio album of the group after the departure of Camilla Cabello in 2016 and the end-result was nothing short of amazing!

With that being said, let’s start with the album’s first promotional single, ‘Angel.’

This song is a good choice to promote their upcoming release. It has very strong lyrics on breaking women’s stereotyping by chauvinistic men. Vocals are great and each girl is easily distinguishable.

Down featuring Gucci Mane.

This was the first official single off the album. I absolutely loved the melody and its beats. It’s very danceable and again, each girls shines through.

Make You Mad

When I first listened to the album, this song really stood out for me. I thought it has the coolest beats and definitely the most sexual!

He Like That

Now this one is definitely my favorite in the album now. The bass and the beats are just so addictive. It also exhibited the vocal prowess of each girl.


Like its music video, this song has a retro vibe. Another empowering song that could’ve been a Beyonce song.

Lonely Night

I find this a bit retro-ish as well or perhaps, retro isn’t the right term since it reminded me of the 90’s song – like a TLC song. I particularly like tha La-la-la- Lonely Night part of it. So catchy!

Don’t Say You Love Me

Now, this should be release as a single because this is a love anthem! This is like the StickWitU, Officially Missing You, and We Belong Together song of the album  that if you were to play it in a concert, every single soul attending it will know every words!


I’m no expert obviously but I thought this is one of the most vocally challenging songs in the album and I just loved the progression of the beats from start until its abrupt end.

Sauced Up

This is still a good song but probably my least favorite in the album. It feels like a filler in the album more than anything else.


Now this one is a really powerful song! This is obviously a response to the douche Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexico and US border. I love its message and the vocal harmony of the girls here is just ridiculous.

With this album, it is safe to say that Fifth Harmony has arrived!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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