Book Review: Loving Noah – Kenna Knight

Published September 24, 2017
Format: Novel
Genre And Theme: Young Adult, LGBT
Length: 248 pages, ebook
Publisher: Prim Heart Press
Characters: Noah, Liam

A friend saw this first on Amazon and shared the blurb with me which absolutely piqued my curiosity.


Noah and I became best friends in kindergarten, and I’ve loved him ever since. When his parents sent him away in our junior year of high school, they didn’t even let us say goodbye. It tore my heart to shreds. Years later, I still drink myself to sleep on the anniversary of his departure.

Until now.

I met someone online, and although he is guarded and mysterious, he makes me feel again. He is the first person since Noah that I can imagine a future with.


Growing up, Liam was the only bright spot in my life. If it weren’t for his friendship and protection, I wouldn’t be here today. He couldn’t be with me all the time, though, and one afternoon during our junior year of high school, a group of bullies decided I needed to be taught a lesson in the form of fists to my face and hurtful words spray painted on my car.

My dad refused to accept that I was gay. Without a goodbye to my friends, he sent me to live with an aunt I never knew. I never contacted Liam after that. It was too humiliating.

Now, after all these years, I may have found him, and we are meeting in person. But he doesn’t know me anymore.

Will he love me when he sees what I have become?

It’s interesting and it sounds like a really cute read. I must say that I loved both protagonists. They are very well-developed and I loved that their backstory didn’t drag the overall story.

The premise of their reunion was a bit of a ‘Stranger Danger’ situation. I mean, since they’ve been chatting for almost a year now so it’s easy for them to plan to meet up but i still find it a bit dubious especially since Liam have not seen any pictures of Noah aka Ben prior to meeting him. It’s just a bit creepy for me.

The other characters especially their friends are equally awesome as well. I thought they’re too ‘developed’ which I appreciate but it’s as if we have a couple of couples (harhar) in the story. It’s all good though.

I guess my only issue about it is the timeline – I don’t know if it’s just whirlwind in a way but I thought with Noah’s condition, they would need to take it one step at a time. The latter part was a bit rushed for me but again – all good.

Overall, it’s a really good read – very quick with very likable characters!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Kenna Knight was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in sunny California with her children and her fur babies. Kenna is a laugh out loud extroverted introvert who has a voracious appetite for reading all types of romance stories.
A former health care professional turned romance author Kenna thrives on working full-time from home where she can keep an eye on her kids. Kenna has been writing contemporary romance for five years under other pen names but only recently read her first m/m romance novel. She liked it so much she decided to try writing the genre herself and found that she loved it.
Kenna enjoys writing emotional stories with a touch of heartache, a pinch of disappointment, a smidgen of healing and a king-sized helping of happily ever after.

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