Recap: Cycle 2 of Philippines’ Next Top Model – Hight Street Episode 3 (2017) – Makeovers!

I was not able to do a recap of the second episode but let it be known that I was highly disappointed by the result because another one of my early favorites got the boot! Ouch! Shekie got the early ousted for not delivering an OPPO-worthy commercial! I felt that Shekie was forced to be as commercial as possible during the second episode when the reality is that there’s nothing commercial about her! Her look screams high fashion and that’s about it! But what can we do? Oppo after all is one of the show’s sponsors…

Moving on to last week’s episode. It is the most awaited for any top model franchise – the makeovers! It was a bit anticlimactic though. There was no big ceremony about it, Maggie and the the Loreal hairstylist just discussed what “hair” makeover they want to give the girls and while that is being discussed, the whole makeover is happening. There’s not much drama save for Jan who doesn’t want to sport a bangs telling us she’d tried it before and it just didn’t work. Ookay, Miss Expert Hairstylist Model Wannabe….

Aivie reminds me so much of Sheena (The Malaysian winner of Asia’s Next Top Model.) I thought this grayish (metallic?) hair suits her well.

Ann’s look didn’t change much. I mean, the girl is beautiful already so she doesn’t need a drastic change to transform her. They just cut a bit of her hair. It didn’t do much for her look tho.

Ina is basically Tina Turner 2.0. Personally, I thought her before-makeover hair was way better. Yes, it’s more vibrant now but the styling just look dated in my opinion.

Janny just converted me with her new look! She looks edgy with the shaved hair on the sides and she’s honestly bringing spark into this competition. I initially thought that she’s the token LGBT contestant of the season the way Kayla and Isis were during their ANTM run but Jani is proving to be a really good contestant!

Angela – guurrr… I honestly still don’t remember her. She’s got this gray roots with a very shiny brown-ish (?) hair which I thought really made her edgy so I guess, that’s a win for her.

Blaise got this pixie cut hair which I absolutely adore!!! The short haired girls are totally killing it!!!

Kim is starting to look like an impersonator of Naomi Campbell. I’m not even sure if this is a good thing or a disadvantage for her. She should also stop saying that she looks like Naomi Campbell!

I am not entirely sure that cutting Adela’s hair and coloring it hot pink is the most brilliant idea ever because this just boxed her even more into a one-dimensional model in my honest non-expert opinion. Based on the proceeding of each photoshoot so far, you can tell that she knows how to work her face. She’s a commercial model but she can also be fierce. She can totally do high fashion shoot and be commercial at the same time. Really, i don’t think this pink hair would work for her in the long run at least, competition-wise.

Sarah got this really short hair. I’m still deciding until now whether I like it or not but at least it made her look taller because of that gorgeous neck!

Your Thoughts?

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