Dear Auteur,


giphy (1)Dear Auteur,

You’ve already been published by a reputable publishing house – please don’t do this to yourself. I live in a third world country and writing isn’t where I am getting my income – I simply just love to read.  I am only doing it for fun and I’m not even writing in English. I could send you my awful writings in English if you wished to so you can rate it and maybe rant how awful the book was. Also, it’s not even my dream to be known as a writer. Hell, I know I don’t even write that well so who am I kidding? If people loved what I wrote, then thank you very much. If not, thank you very much as well for taking the time to read my “free for all stories.”

I didn’t even attack your book the way other people are so ruthless with their reviews going as far as attacking the author. That is not my style. I even congratulated you for releasing your first book. I don’t understand why you’d have to go and do what you’re doing now.

Here’s my advice, perhaps you can just attack me on a non-conspicuous way because seriously, it’s really starting to look pathetic. It’s fun at first and I could easily laugh it off but it’s getting to a point that it’s annoying especially after enduring a 12-hour trip and you’d be notified by these cheap attacks.  Man’ I don’t even know that you have it in you because you sound really mature on twitter whenever I see your tweets and I feel good when you tweet your support on LGBTQ causes.

Why don’t you talk to me directly? You can pm me here and it’d just be between the two of us. I’d love to hear from you and would easily forget everything if you can just be straight with me. No pun intended.

I even bought your book from kobo for P240.99 ($5 and some change) because a friend recommended it. See, I even spent my hard earned-money on your book so of course, I will fucking read it! And I fucking did. I even gave you a 3.5 rating so man’ just stop with what you’re doing now.


Your Thoughts?

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