Book Review: The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis – E.E. Ottoman

The Possession of Lawrence Eugene DavisI love me some historical fiction every now and then. I’m not the biggest fan of the genre but when I come across with something like this story, I am more than happy to share how I enjoyed such work. The story takes place at the beginning of the Great Depression as Lawrence Eugene Davis returns to his family’s ranch to set his father’s affairs in order. Arriving at his childhood home, unpleasant memories bounced back along with his miserable time in the trenches. With these unhappy thoughts comes the untoward incident from a sinister presence that haunted him upon his first night in the house.

When a stranger suddenly showed up claiming he can get rid of the demon possessing him. Lawrence has no choice but to agree, only he has to offer himself as the price.

I totally enjoyed reading this novella because it has all the good elements of a horror / paranormal read adding to the apt description of the period it was set in. I figured out from the start that Lawrence will get involved with their ranch hand Billy and I was slightly surprise that it’s not just Billy who will be “romantically (?) / sexually” involved with him. So there folks, this one’s actually a ménage between two humans and an incubus! Exciting right?! I mean, the dynamic between them was so good and just oh-so-sexy that I find myself yearning for more. That’s the only downside I could think of in this story. I want more scenes with the three of them in it!

The paranormal aspect of the story was easily dealt with from the very first possession up to the main instigator of it. There was not much fuss going on with the possession and it was easily resolved at the end so the story’s mostly telling rather than showing but in a really good way.

I loved it when I get a free book to review and it’s just so good, I feel like I should’ve paid for it in the first place! So if you’re up for a paranormal / historical ménage read, then this one’s for you!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Expected publication: September 2nd 2015 by Less Than Three Press

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About The Author
E.E. Ottoman is a geek and a gentleman. They spends their time mostly in libraries doing research, and sometimes, when there is no one else there, dancing in the aisles. E. has always adored speculative fiction, especially paperback fantasy and science fiction. They loves a good ghost story and thinks every story becomes automatically better if you add tentacles. Overall, though, they just loves a story that is fun to read. E. is especially fond of writing and reading stories with geeky, queer people doing awesome and sexy things.

They grew up in the woods, farmlands and mountains of upstate New York and has spent most of their adult life trying to spend as much time as possible back there. They are the oldest of four and can often be found actively engaged in hijinks with their three other siblings. E.E. Ottoman has two degrees in history, another one in law, and one very spoiled princess cat. E. would like to be a history professor or maybe just a professional author one day, only time will tell.

When not writing, E. loves to cook and looking dapper in menswear. E. is an avid powerlifter and can often be found at the gym trying to hit a new max weight.

E. identifies as a queer, nonbinary, trans dude and is actively trying to change the world (and maybe the past) one novel and work of history at a time.

E.E. Ottoman’s pronouns are:

An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

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