America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Episode 1 The Guys and Girls Make It to Hollywood [RECAP]

Episode 1 ANTMYa’ll know I’m a sucker for this show ^^ I love me some mama TyTy so of course I still watch the show since Adrianne took the title back in 2003. So we’re now at the 22nd cycle and the show will surely go on and on as opposed to news of it being the last one. This is also the third cycle that includes boys in it – yes, admit it. It’s more fun with them boys in it yeah? It will also be the first time that the show will have its first deaf contestant namely the uber-gorg Nyle DiMarco!!!

The Judges

So the show premiered yesterday (or the fifth) and it was just the selection of who will be making the cut. The guys and girls were interviewed by the panel of judges which still consist of Tyra, Kelly Cutrone, Miss J Alexander and Yu Tsai as the creative director for two consecutive cycle now.

The aspiring contestants displayed their runway skills at the red-carpet catwalk!

Some of the models whom I really liked this episode:

Nyle – he’s also the first guy to meet with the judges! He’s totally killing this first episode! I can already see a final four placement for him!!! He’s just so charming! Disability or not. He’s totally got me!

MameAt the confessional, Mame wowed me the best. This girl looks awesome! No wonder she placed 4th from the recently concluded Miss USA! She must look effervescent in person! Seriously girl, you are crazy beautiful!

And Lacey! Super fun Lacey! And she just announced on national TV that she’s still got the V-card!

I really feel so bad for Ashley though but her picture was pure LOVE.

Mikey’s cocky and all but he looks awesome in pictures and in motion!

Dustin McNeerAnd Dustin! Damn. Good looking and likable and the only guy I’m seeing could outbest Nyle in the competition.

And the ones I didn’t like at all – Stefano and Bryant. Bryant sounds like a nice guy from his social media accounts but here, he acted too narcissistic and Stefano = JUST NO. He’s got some serious issue (this cycle’s villain perhaps?) Ugh. At least Bryant didn’t make it but Stefano, I am disappointed with him this episode.

And in line with the crazies that is the top model we all love, at the end of the episode – the contestants were asked to jumped in a foamy pool and grab a ball where they will see their names in it if they actually made the cut! Whoops!

It was a short episode but enjoyable nonetheless!!! I’m so looking forward to the next episode!!!!!

images via ANTM FB

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