Book Review: Victim Of Love – Darien Cox

Victim Of LoveUsed to long hours of work and a deluge of monotonous musings about his life, young lab scientist Olsen Westergard believes that his life does not need any complications and he’s very content with what he has.

When he goes on a summer holiday vacation with his friends, he didn’t expect to stumble upon a drunken stranger with a surprise identity to awaken something in him that overwhelms even him. Only, problem is – the stranger, Beckett Turner claims that he isn’t real. With a dark secret keeping Olsen in the dark about Beckett, will they be able to get past it and be what they need for each other?

I really enjoyed this one. It’s fun, easy, a wee bit dramatic here and there but yes, very much enjoyable. This is my second book from the author. The first one didn’t work for me well so I was a bit hesitant with this one at first but I’m glad I listened to my fellow Goodreaders here because it’s such a delightful read.

I’ve only two light criticisms – one was the insta-love Olsen felt towards Beck. Hmm, I dunno why I find that odd and not very Olsen – I guess he’s just really lonely. And what he mentioned at first about abandonment issues and all – I guess I’m just being anal about details ^^

The second one would be the massive reveal of Beck’s secret which isn’t that secret at all apparently and not that “shocking” at all…at least for me. That scene though – I just wanna cuddle with Beck forever…

Overall, this one more than made up with my disappointment over Fit For The Job and definitely see myself reading more of Darien Cox in the future.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Published July 11th 2015 by Dusk Notes

About The Author
Darien Cox lives in New England, bouncing back and forth between the mountain and the ocean states, anywhere there’s a wave or a ski slope. A nature lover and thrill seeker, he enjoys exploring the intensity, insanity, humor and chaos that accompanies cupid’s arrow, whether it’s love at first sight or just the overwhelming power of lust.


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