Book Review: Eagle Man and Mr Hawk – Dawn Sister

Eagle Man and Mr HawkThis story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’sLove is an Open Road” event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Dear Author,
I have never been good at first impressions. This fact has not been much of a problem until the neighboring farm house was purchased by a beautiful, bookish man and all of a sudden I found myself with someone I wanted to impress.

The first time he wandered from his house to mine he found me in a terribly unflattering padded suit, being attacked by a German Shepherd, and today he stumbled across me half naked while training Rupert, a hawk needed for a new adventure film, with either a dislike of me, or of my clothing. It wasn’t my most shining moment.

See, I train animals for use in movies and commercials, and while I am good at my job, this lovely man seems to just think I am a lunatic. And unlike everyone else I have ever met, I can’t change his mind by impressing him with my credentials. He thinks movies and television will be the downfall of society. But still, everything about him draws me to him, even has he wants nothing more than to push me away.


Okay, so I’m kinda on the fence with this one. I super loved both MCs and the story was real cute but I’m really not sure about the latter part.

It felt that the Kelly angle came out of nowhere and didn’t get resolved in any way or maybe I was just waiting for Ethan to smack her into oblivion.

Alex was adorable and so as Ethan. Gah, they’re perfect book boyfriends but seriously, second guessing themselves almost all throughout the story like it was a tennis match between them was a bit too much for me.
But like I’ve said, I really adore this couple and wished the ending was far stronger or perhaps a bit more than that.

Thank you Dawn Sister for this wonderful story with such wonderful characters and gaaahhh Ethan’s crew = just too adorbs!!!

Cover Art: Phil Rose (the author’s hubby) ^_^

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Published July 11th 2015 by M/M Romance Group @ Goodreads

About The Author
Dawn is from the North East of England. Her life is spent juggling: the juggling balls are: children, husband, work (occasionally), voluntary work, professional knitting (notice she doesn’t class this as work), and writing. When she has time she actually sleeps.

For a long time nothing she wrote was shared, even with her husband. Nothing seemed to be right. Then she discovered M/M through a very dramatic encounter with the movie Brokeback Mountain. She became desperate for those characters to have a happy ending, and through this desperation (ie frantically searching the internet for happier ending fan fiction) she discovered a wealth of original M/M fiction. She’s never looked back since.

Her favourite quote is by Philip Pullman of “His Dark Materials” fame, who said: ““If you want to write anything that works, you have to go with the grain of your talent, not against it.” This is the quote she churns out every time someone asks her “Why gay romance?” The other quote she gives is her own (or maybe she might have heard it somewhere else as well) and that is “Why the hell not?”

The whole point of writing for Dawn is not to publish and be read but just to get it all off her chest and out of her head. If she doesn’t write it down then she ends up having long conversations with the characters out loud and her husband thinks she’s nuts.



Your Thoughts?

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