Book Review: In Memoriam – Cari Z.

In MemoriamThis short story will definitely tickle your mind regarding the twist in the end. It was sort of somber all throughout about a gardener named Lee Summers who is past expecting to find love. In short, he was just drifting through life until one fine day while checking out a farmer’s market in Colorado; a dog stole his lunch that led him to meeting its owner Felix Clymenos.

Felix is the exact definition of enigma especially after he started appearing in Lee’s dreams. Now, as they explored their blossoming feelings – things started to unravel right in front of Lee’s eyes that could mean something big for their future but first, he’s got to make a choice for himself.

I am a total fan of Cari Z. I loved most of the works that I have read from her and this one is no different. Here, I see a more fluid storytelling from her. In Memoriam reminds me so much of Heidi Cullinan’s writing style in The Devil Will do but I liked this way better.

The story will definitely lull you into a certain subdued mood until you discover its twist. I don’t know why I’m expecting vampires to jump off its pages but I was sure glad that no “undead” materialized from it. Now, before I divulge what the twist is – I recommend you getting a hold of the book ASAP. It’s a neat short story that you won’t regret buying.

Again, thank you Cari for this amazing story!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published July 8th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC 

About The Author
Cari Z. is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She has a wonderful relationship with her husband, a complex relationship with the characters in her head and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine. She feels like Halloween should happen every month, which is why you get this picture of her, and hopes that you enjoy reading what she’s put out there as much as she enjoyed writing it in the first place.

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