Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 5 – The Girl With The Killer Smile

Monika claiming the top spot yet again!

Monika claiming the top spot yet again!

After a shocking elimination from the last panel, the nine girls left are feeling the heat of the competition!

In this episode, the girl went on to an actin class with Indonesian TV Personality Daniel Mananta.

At the challenge, Barbara easily won the challenge having the “perfect selfie” – I mean I loved Barbara but…poor Amanda’s struggling though – at the workshop and the challenge. It must be the age? Hhmm Nah.

The photoshoot was for the show’s sponsor, Close-up and the best photo will win a campaign from said sponsor. At the shoot, I though Aimee did the best but the end result wasn’t that impressive IMO.And Melissa’s totally shining!!!! I just loved her! The rest of the girls are too studied If I’m being honest. Based on the shoot alone, I’d give the FCO to either Melissa or Monika.

Call Out Order
First call Out: Monika – I knew it!
2. Gani
3. Barbara
4. Melissa
5. Aimee
6. KB
7. Tahlia

Bottom Two: Amanda and Franchesca
(Unfortunately for my homegirls, I gotta agree with the judges – Amanda’s shot was just awkward and Chesca – IMO – isn’t stepping it up since Day 1. The right girl went home though. Thank fkcu for that!

Eliminated: Franchesca

images via Asia’s Next Top Model

2 responses to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 5 – The Girl With The Killer Smile

  1. Melissa’s was my favorite, along with Gani, I think I just like coyness. At the photoshoot Melissa looked… I hesitate to say deranged, but it was somewhere in that neighborhood. luckily the result came out wonderful. Barbara’s is also lovely.

    I thought this week’s bottom results deserved a double elimination more than last week’s.

    • I think it’s okay to say Melissa was a bit cray-cray during the shoot but I still find her uber-lovely. At this stage of the competition – I could definitely see her making the top 4 easily!

      Yeah, last week’s elimination was a bit harsh but I think a lot of people will agree that Amanda deserves to stay longer than some of the remaining girls and I think she’s got a lot of promise 🙂

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