Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 Episode 2 – The Girl With K-POP Fever!

This season’s second episode got all K-POP on us with the girls posing in groups trying to outshine each other while donning colorful and vibrant K-pop ensemble.

As for their challenge, the girls did their best to impressed by dancing K-POP style which consequently won by the trio of Aimee Bradshaw, Franchesca Lagua and Melissa Tan.

During the photoshoot, the girls were group into four where they will be posing as Korean Pop singers. Pretty neat concept If I may say but the end result – not really digging them but I gotta say Melissa’s group totally nailed this shoot!!! Special mention to Melissa – she’s bringing that K-POP attitude in the pose! Just amazing!!!

Melissa Gani and Celine

Melissa Gani and Celine

Melissa – damn girl. Winner potential! Not gonna complain if I’ll see here in the final four this early in the competition!
Gani – oohhchow! Beautiful Gani is beautiful!
Celine – Not a fan of her face here but as a whole – she’s totally complementing Gani and Melissa.

Loretta, Barbara, Aimee

Loretta, Barbara, Aimee

Loretta – She’s really working it in her pose but her face does not really work for me here.
Barbara – Too studied for me but no one can deny how pretty Barbara is.
Aimee – I loved Aimee here and I don’t understand why she got a very low score.

Amanda, Franchesca, Monika

Amanda, Franchesca, Monika

Amanda – IMO, the worst this week. I can’t at her styling. From top to bottom. Ugh. I think she’s got tons of potentials though so let’s see in the upcoming episodes.
Chesca – Loved her face! Need more neck.
Monika – Not a stand out but she’s okay.

KB, Rani, Tahlia, Kiana

KB, Rani, Tahlia, Kiana

KB – A bit hoochie.
Rani – Very surprising! Loved the face but that thigh is killing me!
Thalia – I’m not a fan of that pose but I loved the attitude!
Kiana – Forgettable but IMO, not the worst.

Call Out Order
Group First Call Out

4. Tahlia
5. Franchesca
6. Loretta
7. KB
8. Barbara
9. Monika
10. Rani
11. Aimee
12. Amanda

ELIMINATED: Kiana (Thailand’s sole rep)

images c/o asia’s next top model

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