Book Review: Tinder (Tinder Chronicles #1) – Alexa Land

Tinder 1Tyler aka Tinder was born and raised to hunt and kill vampires – he’s one of the pure ones and one of the best hunters around. He usually teams up with fellow hot Texan hunter Lee Halstrom with an occasional sex on the side. Then something unusual started happening – the vampires are starting hunting in packs and daywalking vampires started to unnerved him. In the midst of danger, Tinder finds himself getting saved by Bane – the mysterious vampire who’s always getting in his way but never had the intent of killing him. Something’s off and he’s sure as hell going to find the all the answers…

I just loved Tinder! This was his POV from start to finish and I just find his character so refreshing! I loved his dry humor, his snarky banter with Bane and his easy demeanor. I guess this is what a lot of authors are missing in creating their main characters – they do not create something new with them. Here, Tinder was not your ordinary vampire slayer. He’s crass with borderline OCD and very focused but deep inside, there’s something that is trying to burst out of him.

At first, I find myself crunching my nose with all the sex Tinder was getting with just about anyone but of course, it was very easy to realize why he’s like that. Lee was a great character but obviously lacks the charm which I thought was intentional because Bane was the one for Tinder. I just loved their love-hate (at least from Bane’s part) relationship. Even vamp/human couple Nate and Nikolai (which story preceded this one – gotta read that one sooner) are great addition into this story.

This was just a very short read and very satisfying for that matter. For this first installment, Tinder’s starting to question the unusual stuff happening around him involving his number one enemies – the vamps. This also opens a lot of plot points for the second part of the story!! This is a must read if you’re looking for something that is refreshing, quick and just down right witty.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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