Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins

Anna And The French Kiss[Book 1 of Anna and the French Kiss Series]

Against all her wishes, Anna Oliphant was sent to a boarding school in Paris for her senior year. There she meets nice new friends which include French-American Etienne St. Clair with a sexy British accent – who also has a girlfriend.

Despite their obvious mutual attraction, Anna knew that it’s not just going to work. But a year at the most romantic place on earth makes it even harder for her to resist the charm of his beautiful “best friend.” Will Anna be able to get her French kiss from the boy he truly loves?

The first part of the story was the usual high school cliché set in the beautiful city of Paris and despite the usual plot points; it was still enjoyable to read. I loved getting to know Anna and her quirky disposition and Etienne’s just charming the hell out of me! Like seriously, I was swooning and imagining all kinds of dirty things to do with him. LOL. And I loved that he’s pretty short as well. How adorable is that?!

Midway through the story, the story faltered when Etienne suddenly became the girl in the story. I didn’t get the sudden reversal of their roles, rather having identical roles. He and Anna became like two 12 years-old girls whining with just about anything. I didn’t like that. I was actually more focused on Josh and Isla (and I’m so excited because they apparently the MCs in the third book of this series! Yay!) with their very short page-time esp. Isla.

I wished the story didn’t become too angsty with the MCs and even the secondary characters strolling around clichéville. It’s as if the buildup of the story was wasted by the very anti-climactic conclusion. I still loved Etienne and Anna though but as a whole, the story wasn’t that spectacular. I’d still read the succeeding books in the series though.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Published December 2nd 2010 by Speak

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