Book Review: Last First Kiss – Diane Adams

[Book 1 of Southern Comfort Series]

“I became a father at fourteen, a husband at sixteen, a divorced single parent at eighteen, but Trent terrifies me more than anything ever has.”

Last First KissLet me just proclaim that this is by far one of my favorite reads this year! This is just my second book by Diane Adams and I’m just so totally in love with it!

Eighteen-year-old Gage Harris is not part of twenty-five year old Trent Foster’s plans. Despite their mutual attraction, Trent doesn’t need to complicate his life by having the young farmer with his two small children in it. His plans however turned upside down when he finds himself pulled into the small family – a family that is impossible to resist.

As their friendship develops, things started to get more complicated. What begins as a random offer for a ride in the rain may very well lead into his last first kiss.

You got to admit; the premise itself will get your attention and you’d probably wonder why at 18, Gage already is a father of two children. Yup! I myself thought that some MILF seduced the young guy, did the nasty and boink – you’ve got a twin! But no! That is so not the case! His kids are actually four and two so they happen at two different times but there were secrets that you gotta find out as you go further with the story.

And gawd! How adorable is Nash?? I’m like – can I just have that baby!?! Now, if you’re worried about Gage’s wifey – don’t fret because she’s a total no-show in the book which was kind of puzzling but yeah – I don’t give a shit about her If I’m being honest. At least she’s got a good back story.

I also loved how easily Trent bonded with Gage and his kids. Although that moment when Gage cried himself to sleep with Kody on top of him was totally heartbreaking – I mean, I seriously have to stop reading and swallow hard to keep myself from tearing up.

“Dreams change. Girls get pregnant. High school isn’t finished. College is too expensive. Babies are born. A guy gives you a ride in the rain. It’s life, Trent. It happens.”

I really do admire how Gage became a responsible young adult through his irresponsible actions. I loved how he’s blogging (yay!) and how he tries to improve himself! The whole thing was just very refreshing and I’m glad that this is just the first book in the series and would see a glimpse of this couple or the family in the upcoming installments.

Overall, this was a heart-achingly beautiful book that needs to be read by many people! I swear this book is like a wonderful balm to the soul whenever you feel down or weary – it’s just so beautiful! Just beautiful!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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