Book Review: Loveblood – M.J. O’Shea

LovebloodMax Appleton and his Mother Celia run away from home to escape his abusive father and husband who also happen to be a bad pack leader. They found their sanctuary in Holly Court, a garden cottage offered by Celia’s oldest friend who lives with her pack alpha husband, three daughters, and teenaged son Jonah.

Jonah Spellman’s life has been mapped out for him since his birth. He was born to be the next Alpha and continue his father’s legacy to lead their pack. When the runaway mother and son came into his life, everything from his world turned inside out. Max and Jonah had something that will change everything upon meeting at first sight.

I am totally in love with Max and Jonah and I just loved the whole Teen Wolf thing going on with it. I loved their chemistry and their connection was just totally electrifying. I was a bit annoyed though when Jonah was rutting and he made love with his girlfriend Zoe which of course has been happening pre-Max but I was still rolling my eyes through it and hurting for Max. Ugh. That silly bitch.

Anyhoo, I loved the many plot points in the story and thought that the blood baths were a bit too much only because a lot of them (the good ones) died in the process. I’ve no problem with characters dying but I was maybe hoping that the last person who died in the book was spared. Oh well, I guess that’s what made the story and the couple’s love stronger because they have each other.

I totally adore how M.J. O’Shea created this cute-love connection between Max and Jonah. It was totally swoon-worthy and the underlying sexual tension was too much at one point and I’m like screaming in my head – just fucking do it already! Damnit!

I really am hoping that there’ll be a second book although this clearly is a standalone but really, it’s so good that I want to read more about Jonah and Max and their foray to college and adulthood! How’s that yeah?

This is a must-read book for everyone into YA and shifters’ story. Another five stars for the author no less! Thank you M.J. O’Shea!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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