Book Review: Going Under – Kade Boehme

[Book 2 of Keep Swimming Series]

Going UnderBLURB: Ex Coast Guardian Kyle Bevins is a joker, a friend, and unlucky in love. His friends know he’s a good guy to turn to if for nothing other than a much needed laugh, but he rarely heeds his own advice. He’s content as the new co-owner of his friend’s charter fishing company in Pensacola Beach, Florida, but he’s missing the companionship of having a significant other and tired of the old hookups.

Eddy Jiminez is unlucky, period. He’s been dealt most every negative consequence of being gay. He’s also an ex-con, so he figured he’d play it safe, keep working hard and trying to forget that it was men he craved. But when he meets Kyle, he can’t stop going back for more, but tired of the lies and hurting, he doesn’t want to give Kyle up.

Kyle would do anything to keep Eddy from drowning again, so he decides to see him safely into the big world of being Out but a past connection may ruin everything. Will there be a second chance for both of them, or will their relationship go under?


“I know it’s a lot to ask. I’m an ex-con who lives in a shit apartment and has no money. Ever. But… could you not give up on me?”


This is my most favorite Kade Boehme’s book that I’ve read so far. The first book in the series was beautiful and I loved the trio of Cary, Heath and their baby Gus but Kyle and Eddy just totally had my runaway heart from the moment they met at that sport-gay bar and boom – it was all rainbows and butterflies for me – I couldn’t even stop smiling – saved for the tiniest twist at the latter part cleverly woven into the story and everything’s great!

I loved that Kade was able to retain Kyle’s characterization from the first book – he’s still super adorable and someone you’d still want to take care of. He’s really such a baby. I just loved it when characters makes you feel maternal towards them (you get what I mean right? LOLS)

Kiss by the Sunset

I just loved the oozing chemistry between the Eddy and Kyle and thought that the twist at the end was superbly inserted without causing too much drama. Good job Kade for writing that smoothly. I now have a feel for the author’s style. He’s really good with delivering punch in the mushy part of the heart. His characters are all adorable and just plain swoon-worthy. I’m so glad I decided to buy this series because I enjoyed it immensely. Now I can’t wait to read the third book – I want Kent and Phil story now!!!

Congratulations again Kade!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published (first published August 28th 2014)


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