Book Review: Tinsel Fish (Tyack & Frayne #2) – Harper Fox

Tinsel Fish[Book 2 of Tyack & Frayne Series]

It’s going to be Police Constable Gideon Fraynes’s first Christmas celebrating it with a new lover. As he accompanied Lee Tyack during one of his shows in Falmouth, they find themselves in one of Lee’s client houses vanquishing some unwelcome presence. When all goes wrong, strange things started happening with Lee making Gideon confused but still finds himself helping Lee in uncovering what transpired during the ritual.

This series is getting better and better. I loved that in a short period of time, Gideon and Lee’s relationship have developed faster than expected. They surely made a great connection back in the Moor helping find the missing girl. It’s also nice to see how slowly Gideon is coming out of his shell. I loved his easy countenance towards Lee and towards their budding romance.

In the first book, I mentioned that I didn’t get much from Lee because it’s mostly Gideon-centric. Now though, we get tons of Lee moments. We see how he really works and his beliefs at what he does. There’s also vulnerability with both characters that made them more endearing to me.

In the story, Lee was somehow possessed or something like being bullied by a wayward presence. It’s amazing how Harper Fox spin the wheel in this sequel. The mystery in the story was thick, the draw of both Lee and Gideon is still strong and the setting vivid as ever. The conclusion also made me want to know more about Lee and how Gideon will adapt to his lover’s relationship with the unknown.

It’s another great story from Fox who not only delivered a great story but also created a couple you’d root for in a long while!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published March 18th 2014 by Smashwords Edition

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