Book Review: Caught Running – Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban

Caught RunningThis is definitely one of the most beautiful books I’ve read this year and one of the best from Abigail Roux. I’ve read other stand-alone novels from Abigail Roux and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them and don’t even get me started with the magnificent Cut & Run series which she started with co-author Madeleine Urban. This book is some kind of special. There’s something about this book that took me back in time and realized a lot of things especially remembering the old “idealistic” me. It’s like a bittersweet reminder that once, I dreamt of something different for myself.

Caught Running tells the story of Jake Campbell, the former school Jock and the former nerd Brandon Bartlett who are now teaching at their old high school ten years after graduation. They were both from totally different spectrum of social circles but when Science teacher Brandon was thrown into coaching with Baseball head coach Jake Campbell, they found that there’s more to learn about each other that neither of them ever expected.

First, I’ve to say how I loved the interchanging POV in almost every paragraph. It’s kind of refreshing in the sense that we get an instant feel from both ends in each situation. In some books, I find this style messy to read but here – it was written in such a way that is very apt with the story and with the characters.

I loved the melancholic vibe of the central characters here. How they both end up teaching instead of doing what they initially dreamt of. That’s how life works right? Things don’t go our way all the time.

I also liked the slow-burn between these two very opposite characters. At first, I thought that my patience was running low but when something finally happened between them – when they both recognized their attraction – I was like, so that’s why it took the author/s too damn long to do it. I realized that I loved the timing then, because it feels just oh so-surreal but good. It’s like the two people you’re rooting for to be together finally had their happy ending – although this was just the start of their relationship as lovers.

It’s mesmerizing to read a book where you don’t get scared of the repercussion of them being lovers despite their status. It was mind-opening and realistic in many levels. There’s imagination offered to the readers to conclude what they want about the couple. I think that’s what I loved most about it. There are a lot of beautiful possibilities about this wonderful couple. This is one book I’ll think about for the longest time. Bravo Abigail and Madeleine!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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