Book Review: Six – Tara Spears

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

This story is part of Goodreads Don’t Read In The Closet Event in 2013 – Love Has No Boundaries Volume 2 and is only my second read from Tara Spears who penned the dark and unbelievably stunning “The Darker Side Of Trey Grey”. Again, I’m astounded by how insanely good she tells her story! The title “Six” represents the number of years the two men in the story spent their lives on something that dramatically changed their lives before meeting each other. Angel is a kindergarten teacher who became a single parent after his partner for six years left him bereft but thankful at the same time because of his daughter – a little angel of his own. Marcus on the other hand had stayed married with his wife for six year before realizing that it won’t ever work for them. They divorced but not without his wife leaving him with two young children. I particularly loved these kinds of stories. They’re the kind of stories that goes straight and tug to your heart. I adored Marcus’s character – what an amazing guy! Angel on the other hand was just adorable! This story has everything you could ask for a beautiful romance between two loving men. Their chemistry is strong, their dynamic beautiful and the dialogues are just WOW! The sex scenes are freaking hot and both MCs are just perfect for each other. Tara Spears – you are amazing!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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