Who’s Your Winner Of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21?

pictures via cwtv.com

pictures via cwtv.com

Four models remains in the hopes of winning America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 21. Who’s it going to be this time? At last week’s episode, Lenox Tillman almost got the boot when she was pitted in the bottom two over fellow season’s favorite Shei Phan but managed to join the three guys in the finale becoming the last girl standing. Adam Smith snagged the first call out with Keith Carlos and Will Jardell getting the second and third call-outs respectively. Will Lenox be able to make her presence felt over the testosterone-filled two part finale next week? IMO, Lenox is the strongest model amongst the four and she kinda reminds me of Cycle 16 winner Brittany Kline in terms of modeling but I’ve a feeling that a guy will be on top this season – I love Will but my gut feel tells me that it’s either Adam or Keith who’s going to take the top plum. That’s just for me though, but do tell me who you think will win the title of America’s Next Top Model O_o

Catch the part one of the finale on  December 5, 2014 (8/7c) and the part two on the same day at (9/8c) on CWTV

Your Thoughts?

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