Book Review: After Ben – Con Riley

first book of the Seattle Series

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

The whole premise of this book was extremely interesting that is why I was so damn excited to read it and didn’t think that it would actually disappoint me so much. It centers on Theo, an executive who’s now dealing with life after his partner of fifteen years Ben passed away. He actually found some sort of solace through the internet. By participating through forums, he somehow feels alive. Online, he meets Morgan and shared intimate information with the guy. In real life, a year after Ben’s death – he’s dealing with Peter (a guy he met at the gym) and is willing to wait and try things with him but Theo doesn’t feel ready yet. He finally succumbs with Morgan and actually fell for the guy without even meeting the guy. I was almost certain that I wouldn’t finish the book but since I’m 25 pages away from it, I decided to just get over with it. I just can’t get over how extremely repetitive the story has become.

Morgan’s character isn’t exactly an exciting character. Despite his internet affiliation with Theo, there’s nothing really interesting about him. The characterization was flat and he’s almost predictable (when he was finally revealed).

Reading through it felt like the author was trying too hard to input too much sex. I get it that it’s the genre but it’s just a bit unnecessary with some scenes. The beginning of the book was alright and it went downhill from there. The flashbacks about Ben are the only good thing about this book and his trip in Italy where Marco De Luca (Ben’s youngest brother) was introduced. I’m actually just plain disappointed with it. I wish the author didn’t linger much with the online character of Morgan. It’s just a bit too much. Ugh. Repetitive. Boring. Slow-paced. It lost all its potential.

 Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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