Book Review: All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity, #2) – Josh Lanyon

indexI actually enjoyed this way better than the first book of the series. I thought it was meatier and the couple here is more present. On the downside, I was a bit annoyed with Kit’s character here. What he’s having was like Titanic-major midlife crisis. His insecurities are just too much for me and the age thing!!! I was like, “get the fuck-over with it! He’s like five years your junior so get a grip!” I actually liked him a ton better in the first book. I thought he was quirky, feisty though still self conscious but here he was just a big hot mess. J.X. on the other hand was simply swoon-worthy here. I loved that he cares so much about Kit. I guess what I was saying is that, though I enjoyed the interaction of the couple here I was under the impression that Kit’s characterization was brutally murdered here. It was like J.X. got all the accolades.

On a more positive note, I loved the story development here. I loved the obvious hints throughout the story and this time, I didn’t mind being able to guess that it was that biatch all along manipulating the game.

It was a good read if I may say. I’m just not sure if I’d go directly into the third installment. I guess I need to have more motivations to go ahead with this couple…

Rating: 3.5 out 5 stars

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