Book Review: Don’t Let Me Go – J.H. Trumble

via goodreads

via goodreads

Don’t Let Me Go is an emotionally charged book that encompasses the joy and perils of young love between homosexual teens. I’ve a lot of difficulty reading this book because it felt too heavy – yeah, it’s just hitting closer to home I guess. More than half of the story was in flashback and I usually find that annoying but in this book, I’ve this intense feeling of wanting to know more about Adam and Nate.

There’s just so much of a reality in this book that at one point, I find myself grinding my teeth in annoyance and perhaps anger. [I just don’t get parents who couldn’t give conditional love to their child]

I loved how the character of Danial puts it about how short life is: “You don’t have to understand. You don’t have to agree. Just leave people alone. When I look at the moon and planets and stars, all that narrow-mindedness and hate seem so petty. The universe is such a big place. One hundred thousand light years just from one end of the Milky Way to the other. One hundred. Thousand. Light years. In the time it’s taken for light to travel from one end of our galaxy

to the other, thousands of generations have passed. It really makes you realize how small we are, doesn’t it? How short our time on earth is.”

Don’t Let Me Go is a stirring narrative of young love, fear, forgiveness, acceptance, defiance, ignorance and most of all – truth. A book that’s worth every second of your time!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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