Book Review: Where You Are – J.H. Trumble

via goodreads

via goodreads

I’ve read this book right after finishing “Don’t Let Me Go” by the same author. Luke a secondary character from “Don’t Let Me Go” was also present here. (I actually lost my copy of Luke’s story  – Just Between Us but I ought to buy it one of these days) This for me is way better than Ms. Trumble’s debut novel because it’s more controversial, it’s rich and feels more utterly authentic.

I for one believe that student-teacher relationship should and must remain strictly professional regardless of any nature. Andrew should’ve been more responsible being the adult in the relationship. I don’t however in anyway disregard the fact that they truly loved each other. I was like, can this shit wait for just four more months? But ofcourse, it’s a book so where’s the fun in that right? The school environment in this book also made me think how different the scenario is from the public school I came from with regards to student-teacher relationship ( (at least from my high school) where it’s almost too personal (which I really didn’t like at all. LOL) US schools are too structural for my taste and this book just enhanced that belief for me. I’m not saying that is bad but I’m sure glad that it’s so unlike my high school.

Overall, Where You Are scrutinized a controversial issue that will leave its readers with polarizing views but with a consensus that it is a truthful, well written book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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