Book Review: Double Full (Nice Guys Series, #1) – Kindle Alexander

via goodreads

via goodreads

Double Full’s my third read from SUPER AUTHOR Kindle Alexander. I was not expecting too much from it because I still have the “Always” hung-over but this was actually another impressive story from the author.

The novel centers on football quarterback and up and coming NFL superstar Colton Michaels and the sexy cheerleader Jace Montgomery. Theirs was a requited love all throughout their four years in college but Colt finally got the nerve to approach Jace during their last spring break in college that led to a super romantic getaway in Hawaii hidden from the entire world to see. Their secret love fest was abruptly stopped by Colton’s overbearing s.o.b of a father who threatened his son and go after Jace if they’ll continue with the whole thing. About 10 years after Colt left (abandoned) Jace without any explanation (poor Jace), our cheerleader has grown to be a successful cheerleading master of some sort. In short, he did well – pretty well actually. Colton on the other hand continued to dominate the NFL while battling a lot of things after he was forced to give up Jace – A. Alcoholism, B. His scheming-blackmailing Russian girlfriend whose name I can’t even properly read. C. His father’s still an a-hole but yeah, he’s old. D. Coming out and his lifetime regret of letting Jace go.

The author sure knows how to weave stories and jump from one scene to another without losing her readers. Oh, and I just love how Kindle always uses “HIS” (insert name) every time the other guy refer to his one true love. The writing’s almost too sappy but it’s just way too awe-worthy so to hell! Lol

I was also totally hooked with Mitch whom the author introduced in the latter part of the book (whom I supposed will be the main character for the second book of the series. Yay!) without actually swaying too much from Colt and Jace. What an impressive transitioning ability! Double Full is a total sap-fest of a book but it’s the good kind so make sure to put this one on your to-read-list! It’s so worth it!

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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