Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

I’ve read this one like a few months ago and I still enjoyed re-reading it every now and then. This was the first John Green book I’ve read as well. This book is narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen year old cancer patient who is forced by her parents to attend a support group where she met the handsome Augustus (Gus) Waters whom she eventually fell in love with.

Hazel’s a rather quirky girl and does have a unique sense of humor. Gus on the other hand was more carefree on the surface but deep inside, he’s someone who take things a lot more seriously. For the record though, I’ve read this book prior to learning that there will be a movie adaptation set to be released this year – next week actually! (exciting huh?!)

It was so hard letting go of Hazel and Gus, I mean finishing the book – I was a bit depressed and was feeling so bad because of how it ended. You see, It’s actually a beautiful ending – bittersweet perhaps? It’s a connection from the characters that you fell in love with and if something bad happen to them – it feels like youre heart is breaking for them. I’m getting overly-sentimental here but it’s true. This book is an inspiring book, a spirit-lifter and a book that tells you that nothing’s really permanent in this world. And yes, I did cry reading this book. I know, I know but hey’ crying is good right?

‘tis one of my favorite quotes from the book:

There will come a time when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything. There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you. Everything that we did and built and wrote and thought and discovered will be forgotten and all of this will have been for naught. Maybe that time is coming soon and maybe it is millions of years away, but even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will not survive forever. There was time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after. And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it. God knows that’s what everyone else does.”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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