Book Review: More Than Him – Jay McLean

More Than HimMore Than Him is the third book from the More series by Jay McLean. It’s the continuation of what transpired during the second book of the series (More than Her.) Basically, it’s still about Logan and Amanda. Personally, I was not at all excited to read this one because I thought the author could’ve concluded their story in the second book and moved on with the other characters. You see, their story has become repetitive. There’s too much going on in it- too much drama, too much sex, too many conflicts. It felt like the author tried to stretch the story which became utterly unbearable. I’m very disappointed with this after having high regards on the first book. This one didn’t live up to its promise at all and review ratings for that matter. It’s such a shame because it could’ve been great. At the end, it’s obvious that there’s an impending book again and it’d be about Cameron and Lucy – whilst I love these two, I think I’d skip a Jay McLean for now after reading the last two titles from her. It was just exhausting reading those. Gaaaahhhh! I’d love for it to work but it just didn’t (atleast for me)….it was just frustrating and all. The whole POV writing style also became a bit inconsistent – like there are moments that the characters will be talking directly to the reader and it will change again. This was just utterly disappointing for me. Maybe I’d give it time and perhaps I’d be able to read Luce’s story – she’s my favorite character to begin with.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars


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