Book Review: More Than Her – Jay McLean

via goodreads

via goodreads

The story of More Than Her centers on Logan Matthews (Jake’s best friend from More Than This.) He’s got a very interesting back-story. He was abused as a child and was adopted by the Doctor who checked on him when he was brought to the hospital by his biological mother. Unlike Jake, Logan here is the resident playboy amongst his group of friends. He’s fooling around like a normal teenage boy does and it was revealed here that he actually thought that he’s in-love with Mikayla (Jake’s gf) until he realized that it’s actually just a sisterly-love of some sort. Then enter Amanda, the girl whom he eventually dated for a night and things seemed to fall into places – only it did not. You see, Logan’s a very good character – actually, he’s much more interesting than Jake but his story / history became too much over the course of the series. It was alarming how slow the pacing was when the dates in the book are moving. I mean, the whole Amanda-Logan-Shit-WeLoveEachOther-But-WeCannotBeTogether was getting redundant by the time that you actually realized that you’re at the last chapter. I mean, seriously now? I can’t even begin to comprehend the stupidity of both parties. I’m just glad that every now and then, Lucy came along the picture and gets into a Drunk Lucy state. Man’ those are the best parts of the book. After easily giving More Than This a very good rating, I was hoping and expecting that the second book would surpassed it but unfortunately – it was a rather wasted effort to read the whole thing. I’m sad and disappointed with the outcome of this second book.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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