Book Review: More Than This – Jay McLean

via goodreads

via goodreads

If you’ve read The Secret of Ella and Micha, you’d notice a striking resemblance on the writing style of Jessica Sorensen and the author of this book, Jay McLean. Not that it’s bad but it feels like reading a book from the former. But hey, this first book from the “More series” is actually truly much more than the “Secret series by Sorensen”. This I enjoyed reading tremendously. I appreciate the characters more and the story development is more enticing and fast-paced.

 You see, Mikayla and Jake met each other under some horrible circumstances. Mikayla caught her boyfriend cheating with her bestfriend, then her whole family was murdered and these things happened in just one night. A girl couldn’t handle that much right? That’s where the knight in shining armor, Jake Andrews shows up and helps Mikayla get through all of these. With all of these things, both developed feelings for each other but they are both scared to admit it believing that they’re not yet ready for it or the other may feel differently.

 I just love how progressive the characters here are. They are funny in a very strange way and they’re adorable all at the same time. Jake’s character so reminds me Micha that is why I mentioned the book by Sorensen but the reminder only begins at their “loyalty” with one girl and it stops there. I love the chemistry between him and Mikayla. I love that they have friends who are much involved. I love one of their friends Lucy who loves reading e-books and is a mean drunk! That girl’s way too funny! My one slightly unfavorable critique is the interchanging POV. It gets a bit confusing a couple of times but I guess that’s okay. I mean, the story’s beautifully written and the characters are well introduced. It was a strong book and a great start of a series!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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