Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 9 – The Girl With a Wild Side

There’s a lot of things that I liked about the episode last night and just a few missed that I didn’t care about at all after waking up this morning. I loved the fact that my two home-girls got the first and second call-outs, whoot hoot! And ofcourse, the photoshoot this week was j’adore!!!! I’m not that disappointed with the girl that was sent home, only if you will based the episode on their body of works all throughout the competition but to boot her out with that picture was a travesty! For this episode, the girls went to Sarawak in Borneo. During the shoot, resident judge Mike Rosenthal was their photographer so the girls were very nervous and all. It was the best concept of the season for a shoot if I may say so, let’s all check them out…



This for me is beyond incredible! It’s my favorite shot of the season! This is a very strong photo and could easily land Jodilly a spot in the finals!



I just love this girl! She keeps on producing great shot after another! I’m not gonna be mad if I’ll see her walking the final runway.



I love me some baby Katja and she’s looking fierce as hell here! I love that she also reminds me of a tribe princess here jungle warrior princess theme since the outfits says so little about the latter.



This shot is too grotesque for me in the face. I wished Marie could’ve soften it a little but nevertheless, it was still a good shot face down.



Remove the shoes and I can totally picture this in a National Georgraphic feature. I just love the composition of this shot! There’s so much to look at and it’s really interesting!



Nicole’s magic seems to be not working this time – she’s totally losing it. Cmon’ girl! It’s the final stretch!



Wow! Sheena is looking so luminous! I love her body movement and I love that I can still see Sheena! Like always, it’s smashing!

So who went home this episode?

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Katarina
2nd: Jodilly
3rd: Sheena
4th: Marie
5th: Josephine

Bottom Two: Natalie & Nicole
Eliminated: Natalie

pictures via Asia’s Next Top Model

10 responses to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 9 – The Girl With a Wild Side

  1. Jodilly: She can do more behind that bushes.
    Josephine: I love this shot! It’s like an amazon warrior movie.
    Katarina: Yeah! Agree with this. Best photo this week and best photo of her so far!
    Marie: The photo shoot’s theme is native jungle warriors. But what the heck is this!? Marie looks like a lazy, old and haggard tiger. One of my weakest photos this week.
    Natalie: I don’t think Natalie deserved an elimination. This photo is so cinematic. It tells a story.
    Nicole: Her photo looks boring. Lack of fierceness.
    Sheena: I think this is WEAKEST photo this week. It deserved an elimination. But I don’t know with the judges. I think there is favoritism going on this show. Seriously Sheena? A warrior or an insane woman imagining her lost child? I’m not amazed with this one.

    • great critique there Marvel!
      I agree with you about Natalie’s picture though. I just love the whole thing going on with it. If I have to choose whom to eliminate based on this week’s shoot, I’d probably kick Marie out, though her body of work is obviously a lot stronger than Natalie.
      With seven girls left, it’s very difficult for the judges to decide whom to eliminate.
      Ofcourse, at the end of the day it will boil down to the girl that they think will have a successful career post-Top Model.
      It’s very hard to decide at this point to be honest. Jodi’s greatest strength is obviously her height and modeling experience, Josephine’s her commercial and high fashion look, Marie’s ability to really model. Nicole’s look is so now! Katarina’s face cannot be denied and Sheena’s simply unique!
      This is gonna be a total Asian catfight!

  2. eihcra asagnol

    finally, KAtarina got the best photo and she really deserves that

    About the elimination, no one should have gone home… natalie deserves a second chance…….

  3. theressa navarre

    Jodilly had the best photo,while Nicole is the weakest this week. She deserves to be eliminated and Natalie should have stayed…

  4. I can’t say much as I do not follow the show. In fact, I do no watch TV at all. But I’m so glad Katarina and Jodilly are still on top. Well, the host nation’s bets are still in and fighting. It must be pretty exciting for the Filipinos and Malaysians alike.

    Jodilly carried a wild pose but the red top distracted its wildness; Josephine slowly crawling ready to attack is fierce but colour highlight in the face was not appropriate; Katarina’s voodoo act is just IT for me as the fierceness even made more fierce by the colours in her face looked so stunningly credible; Marie looking like a fish-eating monkey was another good shot; Natalie’s hand gesture just gave her chances away, if she had all her fingers straight and ready to scratch/attack, she would not be eliminated; Nicole resting after a bountiful meal is actually good if you zoom and notice the blood surrounding her mouth but the bloodier, the merrier; and Sheena’s wild sexual craving just says it all. No more guessing! 😉

    I’ll try to hop in again when you have the next episode posted. Cheers!

  5. dear administrator,

    hi isnt it jodilly already won the competition?, leaked info from wikipedia.

  6. i like jodilly. she is good in n out….among all girls as i watched every episode she is the only one never get jealous, nor murmuring or resenting judges comments…i love her…

  7. its actually my first time to watch top model series that i consistently disagree with the judges favor to the top photos of every week. On my opinion, this week it should have been jodilly. She should have won a lot of photos of the week but i don’t know how and why the judges see her as just an option. If tyra would be judging this season, for sure Jodily’s potential will be recognize fairly. I don’t really like Maries photo’s, it’s boring. I’d prefer seeing nicole. Jodilly reminds of ANTM season 1 winner. She’s a mover

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