Fake Ads By Steven Meisel For W Magazine

Below are the shots lensed by Steven Meisel for the November issue of W Magazine. These faux ads are scattered all over the magazine’s issue next month and they all look pretty legit to me you might find yourself confused from the real ones.

 Joel Schumacher with supermodels Daria Strokous,  Coco Rocha, Caroline Trentini, Joan Smalls and Natasha Poly

Carmen Carrera in an imaginary perfume called Le Femme

A underwear ad with Karen Nelson

Miss Linda Evangelista in a fake shampoo ad

via hintmag/ cocorocha

6 responses to “Fake Ads By Steven Meisel For W Magazine

  1. colinstevenadams

    wow – we think so alike – i already added his work to my influences page. hes amazing eh! :)!

  2. My opinions of Coco Rocha have done a complete 180 since first seeing her years ago, hated her, now love her cause she’s amazing. ANTM

  3. The underwear ads was very realistic the rest are blah

  4. whatever happened to good ole fashion ads? bring me back to the 80s pls

  5. Steven Meisel is my hero!

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