Ann Ward’s Beauty In Vogue Spread May 2011

These shots are good but do you guys find these just disappointing? We’ve seen these shots during the final episode of Cycle 15! We were hoping that Franca would do another set of photo shoot -but eeekkk….

Don’t worry Ann, we’re still rooting for you. GET ‘EM!

Check out her Beauty In Vogue Cover HERE.

photos courtesy of IMG Models / RTVG
I printscreened the episode where these shots were taken.

Click To Enlarge.

PaddylastInc does not own any of the photos. Credits to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.

2 responses to “Ann Ward’s Beauty In Vogue Spread May 2011

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  2. i just wish that vogue use other pics that weren’t showed as preview. The pics were great and stunning but the level of anticipati0n that people felt wasn’t met. Well, c0ngrats to ann for impressing franca. I thought that the vogue italia and beauty in vogue were suppose to be 2-page spread but they extended it to several m0re pages. Its suffice to say that ann exceeded what is expected to her. I just hope that IMG is serious 0n helping her to be a top model. Let’s clam0r for m0re of ann ward.

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