The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 is…

We hate to spoil it for you guys who are expecting a fierce battle between Ann and Chelsey (there would be) but we couldn’t just help ourselves after COVERGIRL purposively/mistakenly released the CoverGirl photos of the two remaining contestants with a major-major spoiler in it! Here is it… The covergirl shot of the final 2 and your winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15!

Ann Ward, Cycle 15 Winner

Congratualtions Ann! We can’t wait to see your Beauty In Vogue Cover and your Italian Vogue FIERCE spread!

Ann during the Final Runway wearing Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli who’s the guest judge in the final episode of ANTM Cycle 15.

Chelsey Hersley, Runner-Up

You did your thing girl and you should be proud of your self! You’re the catwalk diva of this cycle!

PaddylastInc does not own any of the photos. Credit to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.

29 responses to “The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 is…

  1. oh my CONGRATS ANN WARD!!!!!!

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  3. YAY! Im so happy for Ann she totally deserves it

  4. is it true that ann is the winner?

  5. Omg, did Ann really win? She was my favorite from day 1. She is amazing 😀
    I never notice that Chelsey had freckles.. cute!

  6. I love the cavalli dress….so chic!!!! amazing!!!

  7. acctually this spoiler maybe true but as soon as i saw the other covergirl photo of chelsey that also had the same statement that she won which is circulated now on the net.. now i’m confused who really won…..but nevertheless i’m ok which of them won….. for all i know they would do big in the modelling industry.

  8. i hate annnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

    • butteredbiscuits

      Why hate Ann? She is gorgeous! I feel that most of the reason this show was created was to give people who are like Ann (real people) a chance to get noticed when they would not have the confidence to venture out there otherwise. If you feel Chelsea should have won – read on: Chelsea did nothing but complain about people who complain and then all she talked about was how much she deserved to win. Yes, she had an excellent walk and she was good with people, both of which comes with time, confidence and experience. Chelsea had experience that many of the others did not have. With the experience that Chelsea had, she SHOULD NOT NEED the show to succeed. With the experience that Chelsea had, shouldnt she have been able to take better pictures and get more #1 photos? I think you arent taking the entire season into consideration. Chelsea may have excelled at the challenges based on her previous experience, but this show isnt about who is the most experienced.

  9. You go Ann you guys got it right again. I am soooooo happy for Ann she deserve it, now she has to tell all the bullies “look at me now the long girl”…….lol. It’s great love the show, it’s always fair and they now their stuff. Two Thumbs Up Tyra and Mr and Miss J’s.

  10. Ann is the best, that’s why she won…..go! Ann!!!!


    You better now Feel-It/Feel-It-Girl PROUD and no more shyness!! I picked YOU RIGHT FROM THE START… you made me gittery- like you were so much; but confidence grows out of Your Achievement You are going to be smashing in the Model World… So I know you are a True Winner.. I have to have to have that ITALIAN VOGUE!!!!! I’m not young….but I love fashion. Your face & personality are AWESOME!! 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!
    P.S. Anyone know when the Italian issue comes out?

  12. GO Amazon!!!! You deserved it.. This just goes to show even when people do not see any good or beauty in you, there’s that undefinable and unique thing in all of us.. The rare beauty that is just waiting to come out!! Now where are all those people who used to call this girl giant????? She’s Amazon!

  13. whew!! im from Philipines and im an avid fan of antm .. and my bet for cycle 15 is ann… wow!!! im happy that ann won the contest…congrats ann,,you deserved that because youre such a nice ,,shy girl but a fighter..both in and out beauty,that’s what you have!!!GO GIRL!!!

  14. @MM,yeah youre right..where are those people who used to call ann a giant person!!! they are LOSERS!!!!

  15. I love Ann Ward…………..

  16. if you hate ann ward then i hate you ann deserves to win!!

  17. Ann and Chelsey were both exceptional models! One of the best ANTM finale’s ever! Agree?

  18. Hep hep horray!!!!..yey!..Ann won!!!..she’s my favorite!!!..^^,

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  20. i am so glad for Ann. she is a very rare beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rare jewels are the best.

  21. absolutely ann ward you are the winner for this cycle… you are young, gorgeous, charming, and your personality is very humble. i like it.. i love your face.. like a supermodel in vogue.. exactly you are the winner for antm cycle 15. btw, this cycle very interested and different with another cycle. High fashion with Italy Vogue is very splash for me and antm fans generally. go ann … go tyra banks.. love you all

  22. LOL, every time…
    Unbelievable, I would really like someone to come down to earth and tell me that this girl could have ever become a model in the real world! Seriously, you may want her to win because she does not have the looks of a model and want to call her beautiful because beauty is in the eye …but this is supposed to be a REALITY show and this is the worst choice ever.
    Yes it’s not all about looks, but when was the last time you saw a top model that wasn’t good looking?
    And I am soryy but she is nothing like a model, yes expand boundaries, give someone different a chance, but don’t do it in such an obvious way. It has become clear that a beautiful girl cannot win this show. If Cindy Crawford participated, they would send her home. That is just ridiculous. Do you even wanna be on a show like that?

    • Jennifer Wilkins

      No-one in their right mind could’ve picked the average American blonde chic over Ann Ward. She’s so awkward and lanky, but she makes it WORK. A girl with a beautiful outer shell couldn’t have won, you’re right. It’s about how the girls work their bodies, overcome their flaws and upgrade their strengths, while learning about the fashion industry along the way. Chelsey can make it without the competition, easily. But I have to congratulate Ann on her performance. Her very downfall in her teens contributed to where she is today. be happy for her, don’t hate 😀

  23. omg!! i cant beleive it that Ann Ward win im so happy for you ann you reallt deserve it!

  24. .
    Ann really deserves it.. because her beauty is Unique unlike chelsey so common american beauty they’re looking for someone who has the REAl look not only for America but to the whole world .. SO WHY HATE ANN … honestly speaking she is more way GORGEOUS than the other girls.. SO stop Messing around with her…

  25. im glad ann won. ok, so the top 4: first of all chealsea is a bitch! she thinks she`s better than anyone just cuz she`s older and has more experience. ann, shes awsome. she never talks trash about anyone. but she`s just quiet and shy. kayla keeps briging up her lesbian topic. ok we get ur a lesbian!!!! and jane is just a beautiful nice little angel!!! so thats what i think. so out of the top 2, i think it was good that ann won!!

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