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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its Crushing Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

BvSThings aren’t looking good for the Ben Affleck – Henry Cavill superhero flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – at least review-wise based on Rotten Tomatoes’ top critics giving Zack Snyder’s film an average of 5.4/10 ratings with 42 reviews as of press time.

New York Post Lou Lumenick wasn’t that impressed with Ben Affleck donning the Batman suit deeming his portrayal as someone who tries hard to project weary gravitas like his immediate successor Christian Bale as an older Batman, but too often comes off like a self-loathing Oscar-winning writer-director cashing a big paycheck

Rafael Guzman from Newsday meanwhile thought it was overlong, underdeveloped and almost entirely humorless.

Gal GadotFrom the reviews so far, Gal Gadot seems to be getting all the praises along with a solid return of Henry Cavill as the man of steel.

The question now: will I still be checking this one out?

Okay, I know I shouldn’t even ask that question because duh, THAT is Superman and Batman and Zac Snyder! I mean, I don’t think people will give much shit about the negative reviews if we’re to be honest. I know I will still be watching it!

So there, there – be sure to catch it on March 25th!

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Review: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (2010)

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Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5-3D

September 24, 2010
with Malcolm.

Directed by Zac Snyder

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Barclay, Anthony LaPaglia, David Wenham, Ryan Kwanten, Helen Mirren, Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving

I have high expectations for this film and I was just a bit disappointed with its lack of excitement. I love that it’s almost in full 3D and I enjoyed it visually but was ultimately let-down by the whole story. I cannot find the ‘spunk’ that I saw in its trailer. Its graphics are exemplary –the best thing about it is its musical score. It’s not that bad of a film and I would consider watching it for the second time but I still won’t enjoy it as much as my friend Malcolm did. The audience’ consensus was like “It was just an OK film.”

Ratings: 6.5/10