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Review: Ordering Anime Figures from the Mandarake Website!

Last February, I’ve posted my experience on ordering anime figures from the AmiAmi website and this time I will be sharing with you another credible website where you can get buy not just anime figures but also dolls, books, magazines, cards, and a whole lot more under the same spectrum.

MANDARAKE was established in 1987 as a pre-owned manga dealer in Nakano Broadway. Now Mandarake is known as one of the largest manga and anime stores in the world.

Placing an order through the Mandarake website is pretty easy. First, you go to their website: https://www.mandarake.co.jp/ and choose your preferred language – available languages include Japanese. English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and I believe the other one would be Russian (this needs some verification though). Creating an account is very easy too – the website will prompt you to create one before being able to check out: Here’s the link where you can sign up: https://my.mandarake.co.jp/pre/?lc=en (this is in English, so feel free to change it.)

It’s very easy to navigate, you have the option to choose the category on the drop down if want to zero-in on your search but what I do is I usually keep it on “All Items” which gives me more opportunity to see more related products. The thing about Mandarake is that it will show you all of the related products based on the keyword you entered, so this is when you try to filter your searches because it will show you EVERYTHING – including the sold out items from all of their 14 locations nationwide that includes Sahra, Nakano, Complex (Akihabara), CoCoo (Akihabara), Shibuya, LaLaLa (Ikebukuro), Nayuta, Nagoya, Utsunomiya, Umeda, Grand Chaos (Osaka), Fukuoka, Kokura and Sapporo.

Now this is very important because each store actually has separate shipping since they will be coming from different location so if at one transaction for example, you placed orders from three multiple stores, you will be getting three different shipping quotation about a day, or two after placing your order.

Here’s their complete FAQ page for your reference: https://earth.mandarake.co.jp/help/faq-en.html

I’ve only placed multiple order once because I don’t want to missed the opportunity to get the item that I’ve really been looking for a long time and I guess, to make it worth my money I also added small items in it. I was so glad that the shipping was very minimal. The website offers DHL Express, EMS, Registered SAL and Air Small Packet as shipping option and I usually choose EMS, and I’d get the item in about a week.

Here’s that one multiple order I was referring to:

I really just wanted the Nendoroid Petit Edward Elric but I’ve decided to add these cute Bandai Demon Slayer straps because of their size and I pretty much guess that it won’t make a difference on the shipping since it will be placed in a smaller box via EMS based on the guidelines. I was even able to sell them locally for about $27!
And here’s the other order from another location (Shibuya)

You see, it really is very easy to use the website and receiving a bootleg is almost zero. As they’ve mentioned on their FAQ page – all of their products are carefully checked by their staff with the help of their own large database.

So for those of you are who are looking for ‘affordable’ figures (at least more often than not) – Mandarake is another place you can go to, just have to be very careful and wise when placing your orders!

Nendoroid Doll and Obitsu 11cm Body Comparison!

Edit: I only realized that the rest of the article I wrote about this topic was not fully uploaded when I visited my site this morning! I was so busy that I do auto-posts so imagine my horror when I saw that the full article I’ve been writing for so long was nowehere to be found.

I accidentally discovered the Nendoroid world last year when I was searching for some local Obitsu stuff sellers on Facebook and it led me to Nendo Farm – a group created by one of the local Nendoroid and Obitsu distributors in the Philippines.

As per its Wiki definition: The Nendoroid series is a brand of plastic figures created by the Japanese Good Smile Company in 2006. They typically depict characters from anime, manga or video games and are designed with a large head and smaller body to give them a cute appearance. Their faces and other body parts are exchangeable, giving them a range of different expressions and poses. The Nendoroid brand spans a variety of different products: the original 10 cm figures, smaller Nendoroid Petite figures, additional display tools known as the Nendoroid More series as well as plushies and play sets. Several video games have also been released based on Nendoroid designs.

In 2018, Good Smile Company introduced the Nendoroid Doll series which is a new addition to the Nendoroid series which features the same Nendoroid heads, but an alternate doll-like body that is highly articulated and can easily be dressed-up into different outfits while still remaining a palm-sized action figure!

Obitsu meanwhile a type of ball-jointed doll by the company Parabox.

In this post, I am going to tell you the comparision between Nendoroid Doll and Obitsu 11CM doll. Reason being is that you can actually use the Nendoroid heads to Obitsu 11cm bodies and you will have a hybrid popularly known as Obitsuroid!

In this photo you can see a male Nendoroid Doll body and an Obitsu 11CM (non-gendered)

Nendoroid doll bodies comes with three different colors – cream, peach and cinnamon while Obitsu is more varied with its Whitey, Pure White, Natural (Fleshtone) and Pure Black color.

Their height is just about the same with the Obitsu body just a tad bit higher. They can usually share clothes although Obitsu tends to be a bit bigger.

One main advantage of the Nendoroid body though, is that it fits the Nendoroid head for obvious reason while there are a lot of techniques to make sure that the Obitsu body would be able to accommodate the Nendoroid Head. You can obviously see the difference on their neck connector.

Here’s a Nendoroid Doll of Deku celebrating the new year! (yup, this was edited), He can actually stand on his own but it’d take a bit of time to achieve it. The Obitsu body may not be perfectly fit with the Nendoroid head, it could easily stand on its own.

As you can see, he’s perfectly perched on top of my luggage looking oh-so-cute!

Another thing is that Nendoroid body all comes with magnetic sole, while for Obitsu you can choose to buy with or without one.

This is a Nendoroid Doll: Boy Archetype.
And this one is the Natural Skin Color of an 11cm Obitsu Body.

They’re actually pretty enjoyable to play with, to display and to look at buy they could be very expensive. This ain’t a cheap hobby, I’m telling you but yeah – to each his own heart’s content. haha!