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Greater Heights for the Beki Boxer

Beki Boxer

Beki* Boxer is the second of its kind in the primetime TV here in the Philippines. This TV5 offering was the second series to feature a homosexual man as its main lead (the first being the much-talked about My Husband’s Lover). Alwyn Uytingco played the closeted Rocky “Ex-Men” Ponciano who got pushed into the world of Boxing following his father’s footsteps and regain the family’s lost glory.

Beki Boxer still 3Currently in its mid-season, it’s nice to note that the series’ still has consistency, although a bit slow-paced. I also loved the fact that it’s not the usual exaggerated portrayal of gay men here in the country. It’s a comedy series, thus the expectation was obvious. The good thing is it does not resort to slapstick comedy whilst portraying the characters. It was very relatable and was quite realistic. The punchlines were opt, characters colorful, conflicts though cliche are well-executed.

Beki Boxer still 2Noteworthy performances comes from Uytingco himself, Candy Pangilinan (as Rocky’s Mother), Christian Vasques (Rocky’s Dad) and the main antagonist, John Regala.

Beki Boxer still 1

This is definitely one of the quality TV shows airing now on Philippine TV and I’m very glad that such character finally found its way on national TV – airing on prime-time no less! This also goes to show that as conservative as we are as Filipinos – in a place where machismo’s on top of the hierarchy – we’re able to welcome the likes of Beki Boxer (and My Husband’s Lover) which paved the way to having more open and accepting audience who laugh with the character/s and not at the character/s.

Director: Jade Castro, Monti L. Parungao
Cast: Alwyn Uytingco, Joross Gamboa, Vin Abrenica, Candy Pangilinan, Krister Moreno, Albie Casino, Cholo Barretto, Christian Vasquez, John Regala, Onyok Velasco

*Beki is a colloquial word for gay