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Have you met Dario Yazbek Bernal? #JuliandelaMora

You might have heard of the new Netflix craze The House of Flowers (Originally, La Case de las Flores) released just a couple of weeks back and gaining tons of fans from across the globe as we speak. In it, you may also be one of the enamored viewers with the very adorable Julian de la Mora played by Dario Yazbek Bernal. If you’re like me who’s completely unaware of this guy before this series, I gathered some info about him that may very well interest you aside from the current stalking that you’re probably doing now. Hah!

Dario Yazbek Bernal was born in 1990 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. He is best known for his 2009 debut role Daniel y Ana, a film based on a true story about siblings kidnapped and forced to have sex with each other.

He is also the younger half-sibling of Mexican superstar Gael Garcia Bernal. He is the youngest amongst the three children of Mexican actress Patricia Bernal and Mexican cinematographer Sergio Yazbek.

Dario with older brother Gael Garcia Bernal. (photo by Ian Gavan)

His Vimeo profile says that he’s “working in film and music, MA in history and hating academia ever since. Currently living in a suitcase. Marriage material.”

He was also apparently in a band but this information would have to be confirmed.

So far, these are the only information I was able to gather online. Any additional information are very much welcomed. 🙂

Tell me about it, por favor!

Review: Babel (2006)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

Babel is a riveting tale that encompasses continents, people and their stories entangled into a socio-political and personal struggles that is inevitable and prevalent in the world that we’re living in today.

It stars Brad Pitt who perhaps delivered one of his most noteworthy performances. He played Richard Jones who along with his wife Susan (Cate Blanchett) were in Morocco for a vacation. While traveling Susan was accidentally shot by a young Moroccan boy that was immediately assessed by the US government as an act of terrorism. Meanwhile, in the US – the Jones’s kids nanny (Adriana Barraza) was forced to take the kids with her in Mexico to attend her son’s wedding without the Jones’ permission – an event that led to them being detained by the immigration. In the other side of the world, we have Cheiko (Rino Kikuchi,) a deaf-mute Japanese girl , traumatized by her mother’s suicide and whose father (Koji Yakusho) was the person who gifted the pistol that was used in the shooting in Morocco when the latter went there for a hunting trip – the girl herself was battling her own demons coming to terms with her mother’s death and her dad’s lack of support. The entanglement of each story was an outstanding and thorough display of how humans are connected at one point in time. The outline of the film was so big and as it is “multicultural” that it was easy to be fascinated by it and be at the edge of your seat and breathless, expecting things to happen hopefully in favor of the characters you’re rooting for. The emotion was heavy here that somehow it’d make you exhausted and you almost want to smack each character but in the end – it may provide you some realization – good or bad at that.

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Mohamed Akhzam, Adriana Barraza, Gael Garcia Bernal, Elle Fanning, Nathan Gamble, Rino Kikuchi, Koji Yakusho

Year: 2006

Rating: 9.5/10

via 2014 Pinoy Exchange Movie Challenge – Movies Nominated In The Academy