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Film Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)

Fifty Shades Of GreyI’m probably one of the minorities in the country that does not (or will not) hate the censorship the Movie And Television Review And Classification Board (MTRCB) has added into this film – ugh! I kind of expected it so I just went through it and tried to disregard the fact that I paid money “to see everything” but I figured that If I wanted to watch gritty-bitty sexy parts – I’d go watch porn but no, I’d like to watch how a book which I liked (yeah blah-blah-blah-so what) was transformed into the big screen.

I enjoyed reading the “Fifty Shades” trilogy and was rather excited to watch it since Charlie Hunnam was chosen and then ceremoniously dumped from the role of BDSM-loving billionaire Christian Grey and was eventually replaced by Jamie Dornan. I got even more excited when Dakota Johnson was announced for the role of Anastasia Steele – a naïve college student on her foray into the dark and se[x]nsual world of the impossibly rich and controlling and more stoic than Edward Cullen, Christian Grey.

yeah... more or less

yeah… more or less

Okay, so on to the movie itself. I was not a happy kid after sitting through the whole thing + the credits! I felt like the book was murdered into pieces and the screenwriter made some sort of raffle which scenes should be included in this first installment (okay, so yeah – they will be making the next two films as well, yeah right). There’s just not enough of Jamie Dornan who will do fine as a crazy stalker in another film but here – it was just totally off. I guess that is what irks me the most about the film – Christian Grey was not properly portrayed here.

stalker alert

stalker alert

I’m not blaming Jamie; I’m blaming the script because there’s not much to work on it aside from all his kinky times with co-star Dakota. There’s just not enough angst from where his character’s love for BDSM was coming from – it was all too bland If I may say it so bluntly. It was such a shame really because his character didn’t build up into anything that is remarkable and not even the cliffie at the end could get me excited for the next film!



Johnson on the other hand was a surprise here despite her deer-in-the-headlights-oh-shoot-what-the-fuck-did-I-just-sign-up-to expression 80 percent of the time – I was rather impressed by her portrayal as the uber-innocent Anastasia Steele. There was tenderness in her attack and that naivety that the role was asking for. (no fun inner goddess though –boohoo!)

Britney Not That Innocent

This film wasn’t so bad. It was like a trial of some sort whether us audience will bite into it and devour its characters up to its second and final installment. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the way they made this one like an appetizer – I did after all pay for the main course. I was disappointed yes but there’s a slight chance that I may consider re-watching it given the proper incentive. Okay, I’m still going to watch it on DVD. *wink*

Rating: 6/10

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Based on the book by E.L. James
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eloise Mumford, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, Victor Rasuk, Max Martini, Dyan Neal, Callum Keith Rennie, Jennifer Ehle, Marcia Gay Harden

p.s. a friend asked me about the soundtrack – I’m like, no I didn’t notice it at all. Ugh. I mean, this isn’t Step Up or something. Okay..ta’

Review: Beastly (2011)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

Sucker Punch and I Am Number Four, both films unanimously lured me to watch this film starred by Vanessa Hudgens and newcomer Alex Pettyfer. It is the modern re-telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast, which tells the story of Kyle Kingston (Alex Pettyfer), an arrogant young man who thinks that he, could get anything because he was blessed with good looks. After humiliating his classmate Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) who is actually a witch, she casted a spell to disfigure him. The only cure is for him to find love in about a year or he would stay that way forever.

The film was actually the biggest disappointment for me this year so far in terms of the storyline. It didn’t quite work for me because it was very much predictable and was badly written. Every scene felt forced and there was no chemistry at all between Hudgens and Pettyfer. I thought Vanessa’s performance here was a far cry from her performance in Bandslam that I considered her best performance to date. I almost wished that she played Kendra and Mary Kate played her character. Neil Patrick Harris who played Kyle’s blind tutor seemed off to even be part of the film. Another actor could have played it better in my opinion.

The score was actually impressive but other than that, it lacks everything that you’ll be looking for a worthwhile film to spend your money into. It was a film that you may enjoy if you’re a big fan of its actors but as for the rest, it’ll just be a good two (almost) hours that you shouldn’t be wasting.

Rating: 4/10

Director – Daniel Barnz

Based on the novel of Alex Flinn
Starring – Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer, Mary Kate Olsen, Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Peter Krause, Dakota Johnson, Erik Knudsen, Regina King


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