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My Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Top 15 Second Hot Picks!

From my initial Hot Picks – a couple of girls went up and went down on the list,  and some were kicked out  with other girls taking their places.

Ria Rabajante who placed 15th last week didn’t make it on my second to the last HOT PICKS along with Shamcey Supsup deadringer Angel Villafuerte who’s comfortably placed at ninth last week. So here are my second Hot Picks – a week before I post my final prediction.

Binibini 13 Charmaine Elima's still holding on to the top spot! Is she really THE ONE?

Binibini 13 Charmaine Elima’s still holding on to the top spot! Is she really THE ONE?

Charmaine is continuosly dominating the competition. This Filipina Barbie‘s consistency came from her local pageant experiences and it shows in everything she does within the competition. She is THE ONE at this stage to snatch the Miss Universe – Philippines and the crown is her’s to lose.

Binibini 31 Maria Angelica De Leon has arrived!

Binibini 31 Maria Angelica De Leon has arrived!

Maria Angelica De Leon or Mariel is the biggest threat to Charmaine and a SERIOUS THREAT for that matter. From just a celebrity daughter when she first submitted her application to a supergoddess today – her transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

Binibini 39 Mutya Datul PERFECTION Personified!

Binibini 39 Mutya Datul PERFECTION Personified!

Mutya is a perrenial Top 5 favorites of pageant afficionados and the likes. You cannot ignore this kind of beauty. Her weakness maybe speaking in English but whoever said that you cannot win a crown by speaking the vernacular??! Mutya can do a Czarina Gatbonton come finals night and she may even win the most coveted crown.

4564th – Pia Wurtzbach
5th – Merry Joyce Respicio
6th – Hannah Sison

Pia went up from number eight to number 4 and that is because she truly stepped up this week. Merry Joyce’ consistency maybe a foreshadowing of her place come finals night and I’m still hoping the best for her. Hannah was second last week but her armor suddenly got weak! She needs to step it up for the last week leading up to the finals to seal her destiny to one of the crowns.

7897th – Bea Rose Santiago
8th – Joana Cindy Miranda
9th –  Parul Shah

Bea just went down a notch but she’s still a sure placer for me. Cindy on the other hand went from number 14 to top 8 and that is saying something. She may not be a favorite to win the Miss Universe Philippines but Cindy could easily snatch the other crowns from the front-runners! Parul who placed 10 last week is at number 9 now and I’m not sure what to make of her at this time – it seems like she’s losing her steam! This girl is Minorka Mercado V2 and she must use that advantage!

10111210th – Merce Grace Racquel
11th – Christina Love Paula Bernasor
12th – Anna Fernandina Buquid

I took notice of Merce when I read about her bio and watched some of her videos. This girl has got potentials! She may even be the dark horse of this competition so the girls should really watch out for her. Paula Bernasor on the other hand is up from 13th to 11th. She is my sentimental favorite you guys and I’m just really a fan of her beauty. I’ve a feeling as well that she’d make it in the semis! Anna Fernandina Buquid’s been hyped since she applied and she’s worth the hype if I may say. It’s just too bad that she’s too raw for this pageant! But hey, she may surprise us next Sunday though.

13141513th – Maria Sofia Gloria Mustonen
14th – Cassandra Naidas
15th  – Vania Valiry Vispo

Sofia’s mesmerizing facial beauty is undeniable that is why she’s part of this list. You cannot also ignore the unique look of Cassy Naidas. And lastly, Valiry Vispo’s enigmatica aura was placed on my Top 20 last week and I’m glad that she stepped it up this week completing my Top 15 second hot picks!

Any comments or violent reactions? Haha. Who are you top bets to win the coveted Binibining Pilipinas crowns?

photo credits to Raymond Saldana and Owen Reyes and Official Binibining Pilipinas FB Page. No copyright infringement intended.

Binibining Pilipinas 2010 Winners: Will They Make It?

Three ladies were chosen once again at the Big Dome to represent the Philippines in the three most prestigious beauty pageants in the world –  the Miss Universe, Miss World and the Miss International. In this year’s pageant, 24 lovely Filipinas battled it out to grab one of the three crowns.

Maria Venus Raj

Maria Venus Raj from Bato, Camarines Sur was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Universe. With a towering 5’9″ physique, elegant walk and incredible tan – Raj was actually favored to win from the get-go grabbing Miss Friendship, Best In Terno and Best In Long Gown during the finals. I have this feeling that she’d have a very good chance of at least making it to the semi-finals come Miss Universe 2010 because of her semblance to some Latinas who are ruling the Donald Trump-owned pageant.

Krista Kleiner

The Binibining Pilipinas-International went to GMA Network contract star – Krista Arrieta Kleiner (winner of Miss USA-Philippines) and girlfriend of Philippine RNB prince Jay-R. In my opinion, Krista along with Helen Nicolette Henson (2nd Runner Up) gave the best answers during the Q&A portion of the pageant. She was asked what would she tell President Obama if she were to have five minutes with him. The eloquence in her answer proved her smart thinking and that she actually deserved the title. She will be representing the Philippines in Shanghai, China October of this year.

Czarina Gatbonton

Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice Awardee and Bulacan-native Catherine Czarina Gatbonton snagged the Binibining Pilipinas World title. She’s the only contestant who answered in the vernacular and when asked if she were to live again, what would she want to be? She answered “Puno” as in the girl wanted to be a Tree. Everyone inside the coliseum were mostly puzzled by her winning over crowd favorite Helen Nicolette Henson who received three awards and end up placing fifth overall. Gatbonton will be representing the country come November 2010 – possibly in Vietnam. As of this point, the Philippines has yet to win the Miss World crown.

Diane Necio

Diane Elaine Samar Necio of Albay was the night’s first runner up. She is also the reigning Miss Bicolandia- 1st Runner Up.

Nicolette Henson

Helen Nicolette Henson of Pampanga , 2nd Runner up.

I am not quite sure if we stand a chance in the international competitions. I’ve mention that I think Venus has a slight chance of making it to the semi-finals. If I were one of the judges, I would’ve picked Krista to represent us to the Miss Universe or Miss World (she could actually make it to the semi-finals by merely getting the Best In Talent –  an award she got at the Binibini.) For Miss World, we’d probably end up empty-handed once again for the nth time. Czarina just doesn’t click for me as Miss World material. I was hoping that Nicolette Henson will be chosen for Miss International but unfortunately the judges were not into her.

Let’s all hope for the best though . Out of all the three winners– I’d say Krista has the best chance of making it.