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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 10 Statue Photoshoot and Go-Sees

Next week will be showing the final five girls going into their go-sees which will determine their ability to book jobs! Who do you think will win this challenge? Will Kayla start to dominate the competition after getting the First Call Out from the last photoshoot? Will Ann’s confidence continously sink and shrink? Will Chelsey finally rise from the pack? Is Jane confident enough to battled it out and be on top? Is Chris still capable for lasting another week?

At the photoshoot, the final five will be photograped by resident judge Nigel Barker as statue. Who will get that first call out that could seal a final 4 appearance and probably a final runway appearance?

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ByeBye Chris!



Photo: Nigel Barker/Pottle Productions Inc
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FCO: Kayla -2 Weeks in a row

Chelsey – Go-sees Challenge Winner


Bottom Two: Jane and Chris

Eliminated: Chris

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