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Book Review: Coming Home (Firsts and Forever Series #9) – Alexa Land

Coming HomeFucking A! As expected, Alexa Land delivers yet another fantastic story to add to the ever so growing family of the Firsts and Forever series with its ever-increasing Gay Homosexual cast! I read Coming Home smiling giddily all throughout because I just feel so happy for Chance and his quest to find his father, reconnect with his family back in Wyoming and fall in love for the first time! Just everything about this book is perfect! Even the cover!!!

Chance is one of my favorite characters amongst the number of hunky, adorable and lovely men in the series (probably next to Dmitri and Jamie from the first book) and Finn is just the guy that Chance’s needed to finally quit his profession and believe in his talent!

It was a tad predictable but in a good way and I just loved the angle about Chance’s father! Hah! I keep on expecting someone from his past will come to stir some shit up and I’m so glad that that didn’t materialized!

Of course, I am also excited with the growing number of secondary characters! Since we’ll be getting Nico’s story late this year (where you Miss Land totally spoiled btw regarding his love interest– ugh – but I’m sure I’m gonna love it nonetheless *giggles*), I’m hoping that we’ll get Zachary’s story next (please tell us he’ll actually end up with the adorable Jessie!!!).

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the author for Coming Home reaching the Top 100 on Amazon across all genres. This is indeed not just a victory for Miss Land but also for the MM genre as a whole! Now, if this honor isn’t enough to entice you to get the book, I dunno what else because the author totally killed it with this one!!! Congratulations!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Published July 17th 2015 by Self-Published (first published 2015)

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About The Author
I write and independently publish M/M love stories. My best-selling Firsts and Forever series includes: Way Off Plan, All In, In Pieces, Gathering Storm, Salvation, Skye Blue, Against the Wall and Belonging. Coming Home will be released in later summer, 2015.

I’ve also published Feral, a paranormal M/M romance, and The Tinder Chronicles, a paranormal trilogy.

For more information, please visit my blog at: http://alexalandwrites.blogspot.com/ Follow me on Twitter @AlexaLandWrites or find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?…

Book Review: Coming Home (Rock Bay #1) – M.J. O’Shea

[Book 1 of Rock Bay Series]

coming homeBLURB: Tallis Carrington ruled Rock Bay with his gang of jocks and an iron fist-until a scandal destroyed his family’s name. Ten years later Tallis is dead broke, newly homeless, and on the walk of shame to end all walks of shame. He needs money and needs it fast, and Rock Bay is the only home he knows. But the people of Rock Bay haven’t forgotten him-or the spoiled brat he used to be. The only person in town willing to overlook his past is Lex, the new coffee shop owner, who offers Tally a job even though he appears to despise Tally based on his reputation alone. When Tally discovers his gorgeous boss is the kid he tortured back in high school, Lex’s hot and cold routine finally makes sense. Now Tally has to pull out all the stops to prove he was never really the jerk he seemed to be. After all, if he can win Lex’s heart, the rest of the town should be a piece of coffee cake.


I always loved me some M.J. O’Shea’s goody and she’s one of my favorite authors when it comes to light-feels, low-angst stories. This would’ve been perfect if not for the last half. I both loved Lex and Tally and how their relationship developed overtime but midway – the plot went a bit downhill with how childish the conflict was. I am also extremely annoyed with Drew’s character – really brew? balls-less much? I was even thinking that Brock retaliated because he’s actually in the closet himself but that doesn’t matter. The ending was a bit anti-climactic and I thought with the length of the novel, there should’ve been more about the bigots in the story getting served and not just getting a punch in return. There’s definitely more about Tally and Lex here that I would like to read in the future books in the series – I want Tally’s character to get a full-redemption story arc and Broc’s crew get what they deserved. This is what I didn’t get, the coffee shop was thriving and people were very accepting with Lex’s sexuality and liked him so much but a crew of capital A-hole get to harass him almost in their entire encounter? It feels like no one’s siding with Lex at all which is very ironic given how he was very much liked.

I’m not sure if I’ll get the second book in the series because Drew’s awfully annoying, tbh so I’m going to chill it a bit with this series. I’d still recommend this book though because it’s still a good read despite some things I didn’t like about it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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