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Book Review: Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal – Chris Colfer

Published November 5, 2013
Format: Novel
Genre And Theme: Young Adult, Comedy, High School
Length: 258 pages, ebook
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Ebook SBN13: 9780316232937
Characters: Carson Phillips

Carson Phillips’ mission in life is to graduate, get the hell out of his small town and be able to attend Northwestern and he will do everything, including blackmailing his high school ‘peers’…err the people at his school – to achieve these goals.

Chris Colfer’s writing here is wickedly funny, unapologetically sarcastic and just full of feels! His main character kind of reminds me of his character in Glee. Carson is basically Kurt – just replace the fashion and the singing with Journalism.

One thing that struck me the most about this book though is how negative Carson is. His superiority complex is almost disconcerting at times. I get that he’s superior attitude towards everyone (almost) is just a mask to cover his insecurities but I find it a bit too much. It’s a good thing that the other characters are way worse for me to like them.

What I loved about him is his relationship with his grandma and his sidekick/assistant/bff  Malerie. It shows his soft side – the “real” Carson if I may say without his cynical views about everything.

I could definitely see a bit of myself in him when I was a teenager and an eager to please president of our high school student body government so there’s that. I’d like to think that if I’ve read this when I was a teenager, this would definitely be a big hit for me but since I am no longer a teenager, I was unable to really relate to Carson and his plight.

The ending also doesn’t sit well with me. His epiphany was somehow redeeming but I thought he could actually use a break after all of his sufferings. Alas, the book wanted to make a statement and it was a rather bold statement. It was still enjoyable. ‘Had a really good laugh with it and will definitely recommend it as a good young adult read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

About The Author

Chris Colfer is an Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actor best-known for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the FOX television series “Glee”.

He is also a New York Times bestselling author whose books include the first three novels in the “Land of Stories” series (“The Wishing Spell”, “The Enchantress Returns” and “A Grimm Warning”) as well as “Struck By Lightning: The Carson Philips Journal” which is a novelization based on the script he wrote for the film “Struck By Lighting” (Colfer also co-produced and starred in that movie)

My Book Haul: September 2017!

This is my first time sharing my book haul from a certain period of time and this one is just from last month! I often buy books from thrift shops, book sales and from the three leading book stores in the country – the National Book Store, Fully Booked and Powerbooks. Mostly, from National Book Store because they are more varied and they tend to be way cheaper for some reason! Haha! So without further ado, let me present to you these titles!


From this haul, I’ve already read three of the series via ebooks (The 5th Wave, The Maze Runner series, and the Reckoners)  but it’s really nice to have copies which I’ve got for very affordable prices!

I’ve scored Another Day by David Levithan for P299 only which is also the most expensive from this haul but considering it’s regularly priced at 499 on paperback and I’ve the hardbound copy… I know right?

The other titles if you cannot read them on the image are:
For P100
1. The Best of the Morning Rush Top 10 with Chico, Delamar and Gino Volume 3

For P199 each from the National Book Store
Hardbound Editions
1. Black Ice – Becca Fitzpartick (
2. Five Kingdoms Series (1-4) – Brandon Mull
3. The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave, Book 2) – Rick Yancey
4. Jardhead – Anthony Swofford

1. Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Delaira
2. Steelheart (The Reckoners, Book 1) – Brandon Sanderson
3. The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare
4. The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, Book 2) – Rick Yancey
5. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2) – James Dashner

For P99 each from the National Book Store
1. The Lord of Opium (Matteo Alacran, Book 2) – Nancy Farmer
2. Struck by Lightning – Chris Colfer

For P39 each from Chapters & Pages
1. Mystic River – Dennis Lehane
2. The Vineyard – Barbara Delinsky

I’ve always wanted to read a Delinsky novel because I’ve been seeing her name since I started reading books from Belva Plain and Rosamunde Pilcher – I’m pretty excited, hopefully this first one would a great experience!

So that sums up my book haul post! I’ve already started with Struck by Lightning and it’s already looking great!

What are you reading now?

Review: Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (2011)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

This film was based on the FOX TV show Glee and its characters performing during their Glee Live in Concert Tour. It also focuses on how big the influence of this show to its audience where it features three different stories that include a girl with Asperger syndrome, a cheerleader with dwarfism and a teenage gay guy.

Since this was a concert film, it features most of the songs that they’ve sung on the show including Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dreamand Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Watching the film feels like watching a Gleeepisode since the cast are all in character throughout the concert with the montage of their fans being shown in between every production number.

The standouts for me are Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) who I think are the three best singers on the show who can really sing good live. Brittany S. Pearce (Heather Morris) was also a scene-stealer as she danced a mind-blowing Britney Spears number while lip-synching I’m A Slave 4U. The rest sound auto-tuned and I am almost sure that most of the songs were lip-synched. There are also great moments though with a very special appearance of one of their professor that you have to watch out for.

Now, if you’re an avid fan of Glee, you’d truly enjoy the film since it’s on 3D, making you feel like you’re watching them live; but if you’re just a regular viewer of the show itself, watching this film isn’t that spectacular of an experience but it is good enough to have you locked on your seat for an hour and a half.

With that being said, I would give it a gleeful 7/10 rating.

The film will open on September 21st in the Philippines.

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