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Book Review: Trapped in Oz (Tales from Kansas #3) – Andrew Grey

Trapped In Oaz[Book 3 of Tales From Kansas Series]

BLURB: Martin Long has plans and dreams, but they are derailed when his parents move and must sell their house. In need of a place to stay, fast, he answers an ad for a roommate, and even though the house needs work, the owner seems nice so Martin agrees to move in.

Gary Hunter is barely making ends meet, with mysteriously disappearing tips at work and tuition to pay. Disowned by his family and left with a house in need of repair, Gary desperately needs the extra set of hands along with the money.

When Gary confesses that his family disowned him for being gay, Martin makes his own confession that opens a world of possibilities. But Gary has paid a heavy price for being who he is, and Martin’s unwillingness to open up to his family puts strain on the fledgling relationship.


This may be my favorite book in the series only because I just loved Gary’s character and really feel for him dearly. The characters are very well developed although Martin who keeps on repeating himself about not wanting to come out fearing his parent reaction did get on my nerves a bit but with that beautiful ending, I decided to let go of it. One of Gary’s friend was named Larry and I thought he’s the same bully from the second book – it would have been nice if he was able to turn his life around yeah? I’d love for this story to be much longer because I feel that the ending was rush to stay with the series’ 7 chapters policy. I loved that we get to see Roger and Lyle here and the timeline was like years here. I was hoping that we’d get to see Nate and Jeremy as well but perhaps, the author will revisit them in the next book in the series. I decided that I liked this series after all. It’s not overly dramatic, a bit predictable but very easy and fun to read.

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published October 8th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press

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Book Review: Stuck in Oz (Tales from Kansas, #2) – Andrew Grey

Stuck In Oz[Book 2 of Tales From Kansas Series]

BLURB: When Jeremy and Petey’s mother died, their house was taken to pay the debts she left behind, leaving them homeless. Afraid Petey will be put in foster care, they have no one to turn to but their Uncle Milt, so they pack up Jeremy’s beat-up car and leave San Diego for Wamego, Kansas.

They arrive in the middle of a snowstorm and stop at the local diner to contact their uncle, where they meet Nate. Nate and his aunt help them contact Uncle Milt, and he agrees to help.

Jeremy and Nate hit it off quickly, but Jeremy runs when he’s made to believe their new home isn’t permanent. Nate goes after him, finds him, and convinces him that he’s wanted. However, just as Jeremy and Nate begin to trust each other, Petey’s estranged father appears and threatens to tear Jeremy’s new life and fledgling family apart.


Okay, as much as I’d like to ignore this one – I figured that I may have judged the first book too harshly. Thinking back, the first book felt like watching “Elizabethtown,” perhaps because I was thinking of Shoebox. Never mind…

Stuck in Oz was actually a much better read than the series’ first offering. The story is much more solid though a bit predictable. I loved Jeremy and Nate’s instant chemistry from the very beginning. There’s also a bully that was a wee bit predictable and very similar to the first book’s evil-bible-thumping siblings. Uncle Milt’s character was okay but rather than being oblivious (as Nate pointedly mentioned), I rather find him too dense. Petey’s such a sweetheart. I love kids in books! They’re just the most adorable thing ever with the things they say. We also got a glimpse of Roger and Lyle here from the first book going steady and stronger than ever! I realized that this series isn’t so bad after all…

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published April 30th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press (first published April 29th 2014)

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Book Review: Dumped In Oz – Andrew Grey

[Book 1 of Tales From Kansas Series]

Dumped In OzBlurb: Because of an opportunity he’d be a fool to turn down, Lyle Powers transfers to his company’s warehouse in central Kansas. The last thing he expects is to meet another gay man in the small town, let alone one who captures his interest.

Roger Kypers is a recovering alcoholic with a twelve-year-old daughter he only gets to see for part of the summer. Neither Lyle nor Roger is looking for a relationship, and they fumble at the start, yet emotions build as Roger shows Lyle the landmarks of Oz.

But when Roger’s wicked witch of an ex-wife threatens to take his daughter away for good if he doesn’t act “normally,” he’s faced with the challenge of letting her get away with it, or fighting to accept himself and standing up for what he knows is right.


I’m not exactly sure how to go with this review – This was my first book by Andrew Grey and I was maybe expecting a bit too much from this that’s why I end up disappointing myself. The book wasn’t so bad – I thought the MCs – Roger and Lyle had great chemistry but the story as a whole didn’t do anything for me. It lacks development and each character is rather forgettable. Halfway through it, I was hoping that there’ll be some sort of drama aside from Roger’s ex-wife but it seems like all the characters went to boringtown until the end of the book. It’s a good thing that it’s not that long because for its thinly veiled plot, it’s a wonder that it went over a hundred pages. ‘Not very sure about this series but I’d probably read more Andrew Grey stories in the future because I’ve read so many positive reviews from his other books.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Published January 15th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press