ICYMI: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 – Judges, Mentors and the Contestants!

After our very own Maureen Wroblewitz snagged the Asia’s Next Top Model title last year, the top reality modeling competition in Asia is back with the tagline – Beyond Limits!

Cindy Bishop will still be hosting the show and serve as a judge along with the show’s creative director Yu Tsai. The surprising part is the participation of Monika Sta. Maria (from Cycle 3), Minh Tu Nguyen and Shikin Gomez (both from Cycle 5) as the models mentors this season!

Monika Sta. Maria (from Cycle 3), Minh Tu Nguyen and Shikin Gomez (both from Cycle 5) are the models’ mentors this season!

Now, let’s meet the 14 contestants who will be competing in the hopes of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model!

Adela Marshall – Philippines

Fun fact about Adela – she’s actually the runner-up to Angela Lehmann on the second cycle of the Philippines’ Next Top Model. The revival of the show didn’t take off as expected but it was definitely a great learning experience for Adela for sure!

Beauty Tinh – Myanmar

Dana Slosar – Thailand

Hody Yim – Hong Kong

Hody Yim – Hong Kong

Jach Manere – Philippines

Jesslyn Lim – Indonesia

Lena Saetiao – Thailand

Mia Sabathy – Taiwan

Pim Bubear – Thailand

Rina Nguyen – Vietnam

Rubini Sambanthan – Malaysia

Sharnie Fenn – Japan

Si Yihan – Singapore

Bangkok will be the home of the models this cycle and the show will premiere on the 22nd of August on Fox Life.

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