Congratulations America, You just made America Hate Again!

bwflagHere are some of the things that the presumptive president vowed to do during his tenure…
Will ban Muslims entering the United States.
Will build a border wall with an amount estimating to billions of dollars for which Mexicans are supposed to pay – the same citizens he called murderers, drug dealers and rapists! Them ‘bad hombres’ Tsk. Tsk. Ya know, that ‘Mexican Thing.’
Will punish women undergoing abortion.
Will appoint SCOTUS justices to repeal same sex marriage setting back LGBTQ right from where they are now.
Will put Hillary to jail!
Will most likely be BFF with Putin. Yay!
Will teach Americans how not to pay taxes.
Will grope women because he’s a star. And now your President.
Will probably be the catalyst of a new depression era.
That’s your President Trump, America.
Best of Luck!

Your Thoughts?

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